Why Owning A Scooter Is Wheelie Cool!

Scooters are the ultimate in retro chic. From Vespa to Lambretta, the mod culture exploded as the iconic ergonomically designed scooter was released to the public. People of all ages and from all walks of life wanted to get their hands on a small piece of Italian engineering. In the twenty-first century, there’s something nostalgic about owning a scooter. With their curves, shape, and colors, they remain aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With the resurgence of everything retro within the world of fashion, interiors, and art, it seems logical that retro vehicles would also find their niche among the masses. If you’re tempted to purchase one of these fantastic and fun little vehicles, take a look at these reasons why scooters are the epitome of cool.

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Make It Your Own


There aren’t many vehicles that you can personalize and make unique. With a Vespa, you can make all sorts of modifications to the chassis and frame of your bike. You could change the shape of your mirrors, add a windshield, or alter the paint job.


If you join a scooter club, you’ll want your little motor to hold its own amongst a sea of bespoke Lambrettas. The scooter community is close-knit, friendly and joining in is the perfect way to meet other like-minded enthusiasts and share stories of how scooters play such a massive part in your lives. No doubt you’ve felt the pang of jealousy when you’ve spied a troupe of thirty or more scooters in formation cruising down the streets, and you’ve wanted to join in. Well, now you can if you take the plunge and purchase one of your own.

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As with any vehicle, from a car to a bicycle, you need to take responsibility for your own safety. Grab yourself a solid helmet, rugged boots, and thick riding gloves as the bare minimum. You won’t be racing around the city at ridiculous speeds but other less cautious drivers might, so you need to be alert at all times. It’s easy to slip into the blind spot of a car driver, so you must take it slow when turning on roads.


The great thing about a 50cc scooter is that in most states you don’t need a motorcycle license to ride one. However, if scooter ownership gives you the taste for two-wheeled vehicles and you can see yourself opting for something a little more powerful in the future, you will need to apply for a license. You can get motorcycle test info here, showing the sorts of questions you might face should you want to obtain a license and allowing potential applicants to download sample tests for free.


From the James Bond movie Octopussy to the British 1970s classic Quadrophenia, scooters have made appearances on the big screen. Their iconic status as a piece of retro engineering that looks great on the open road has earned them a cult following. Supremely fun and easy to drive, as well as being cheap to run has made them the vehicle of choice for many people across the world. If you’re after a classic cool motor, you can’t go wrong with an original 1960s scooter.

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