Beat The Commute – How To Work From Home More Often

Most full-time workers hate their morning commute. It takes too long. It’s stressful. There is never anywhere to park. These are just some of the complaints from commuters who have to drive to work. There are, of course, many more. What if you could eliminate the commute from your day? Would it make any difference? The technology exists for many workers to work from home. Is it something you would consider?


Why Would You Want To Work From Home?

The average commute in the US is over four hours per week. In other countries, it can be much higher. These are the hours of your life when you can achieve little else. You have to focus on the road, even if the traffic is stationary. Worst of all, you’re not getting paid for those hours, yet you have to sacrifice them to get to work.


The cost of commuting, even by car, is much higher than you would think too. The fuel costs can be very high if you have long distances and lots of stops and starts. There is wear and tear on the car too. The cost to the environment can be quite substantial too. It’s not just the exhaust fumes you might worry about. The particles in the air from brake pads and tires are now known to be causing ill health for those that live close to main roads.

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Parking’s not a lot of fun either. It costs a lot to leave your car in a garage all day, and the time taken to find a spot is more time you lose from your day. Then, of course, are all the accidents that occur during the morning and evening commutes. According to this car accident lawyer, the losses you might experience from a typical crash could extend far beyond a couple of days wages.


Would My Boss Approve?

More and more big businesses are keen to be seen as supporting the varied lifestyles of employees. This can include workers with school-aged children and those that have additional needs in the workplace. If working at home means you are more productive, then why wouldn’t your boss agree? Take the commute out of your day, and you’re likely to be less stressed, less tired, and less likely to start the working day late!


Not all bosses are happy to let the employees work remotely. There is a trust issue there. You might need to prove yourself first. Why not ask to take a single day working from home? You’ll have a chance to get a feel for it as well as proving to your boss that you are productive.

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Some managers firmly believe that face-to-face meetings work best for team collaborations. It’s worth proposing video conferencing as an option here. It is also possible to stay logged on to a video call all day so your boss can see you are at the computer and working. This might feel like an invasion of privacy, though, especially as you are in your home. However, you might prefer it like this as you can still feel like you’re part of the office culture. Of course, cloud-based collaborative working will confirm you’re online, and your colleagues will see your input as it happens.


How Do I Set Up My Home For Working?

The most important thing you need is a high-speed internet connection and a good computer. This is often all a remote office worker needs. The rest will depend on your home lifestyle. If you live alone, you might be happy sitting on the sofa working. Of course, an appropriate desk and chair are less likely to cause back pain, neck pain, and postural problems!


A dedicated home office is ideal if you have a family at home with you. It gives you a separate environment for work to your home life. It will also be quieter, and you can work undisturbed while your family gets on with things elsewhere in the house. If you have to handle hard copies of documents, it’s essential you have a fireproof lockable cabinet to keep these things private and protected.

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Many people like working from home because they can enjoy TV in their lunch breaks and the chance to catch up with housework and cooking. However, it can be really easy to let your work life and home life leak into each other. This isn’t always a good idea and can lead to stress and even overworking.


Ideally, you should have a cut-off point or set hours for working that are similar to what you would have in the office. Yes, you should definitely get up, shower, and dress every day for work. It just puts you in a better. More professional mind-set for the job. Why not try a fifteen-minute walking commute around the block each day? It’s good exercise and is a healthy approach to working from home.


How Often Should I Work From Home?

Many freelancers and self-employed people work only from home. If you have a job, then you might only be able to work from home once or twice a week. The choice is down to you and your boss. Sometimes it’s nice to head back into the office for some company. Life at home can get quite hectic when you have to work there as well!

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Working from home should be beneficial to you and your employer. It shouldn’t just be about saving costs and time. You should feel less stressed and more productive, and that should be evident in your work. How many days a week will this be true? Every day can be different. The number of days you choose to work from home might vary from week to week.


Beating the commute is certainly something most of us wish we could do. Working from home might be just one answer to the problem. Moving closer to your office, or taking a job closer to home could change your commute dramatically. Would you prefer to work from home more often?

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