Smartphone Not Acting Right? Don’t Ditch It Yet!

Hi everyone! And a Happy Easter to all of you! If your smartphone starts acting up, all may not be lost, though it may take a factory reset to make things right.

A factory reset? So I’ll have to re-type all my contacts and download all my apps again? Time to get a new phone?

Well, not necessarily. It all depends, but one rule to always follow is:

If your phone is acting up and you can’t figure it out, go to your provider store and ask for help first! No need to pay for another phone if you don;t have to!

Of course, everyone’s case is unique, but, here’s what happened with my phone over the last week.

My battery started discharging faster than normal to the point where I had to charge it up each morning and night. Well, I hadn’t changed my usage patterns nor did I download any new apps or anything else that would have gobbled up extra battery power.

I then checked my settings, including the battery usage to see if anything stood out as suddenly developing an enlarged appetite for battery power, but nothing stood out as such.

By the way, it’s a very good idea to get familiar with the settings of your phone, and any other similar electrical device, like your computer or car. This can help you greatly when you need to find out what is causing a problem, and can help those who are helping you as well.

So, not being able to pinpoint the problem, I went to my provider store, in this case, Verizon Wireless, and they were very helpful. I told them what I’d checked and they did some checking of my phone and suggested that it might be the battery, so I went to the battery shop and got a new one, being sure to hang onto my receipt and not discarding the old battery.

I charged the phone with the new battery that night and the next morning, it had drained as much as my old battery was now doing, so I saw that it was not the old battery but the phone itself that had a problem.

But it was not yet time to ditch the phone. Verizon Wireless had one more thing to try, and that was a factory reset. This erases everything on the phone and resets it so it would be in the same condition as when it was first taken out of the box. Again, the staff was very helpful in showing me how to save my contacts, photos, and many of my apps using my Google account, and it worked. They also helped me through the reset, and setup afterwords, which only took a few minutes. My contacts came back as did most of my apps and photos. I’d made a list of my apps so that I knew which ones to re-install using the Google Play Store.

So, what was wrong? They weren’t sure but they did say that sometimes phones will do strange things after a software update and that the factory reset is a last resort fix.

Luckily, the factory reset is not as scary as it may seem at first. And all the help was free.

And best of all, in my case, it seems to have worked, I was able to return the new battery and get my money back, and my phone is working good as new again. And I’m glad because I really like my current phone!

So, do become more familiar with your phone, learn how to save your contacts, and don’t ditch your phone at the first sign of trouble!

Happy calling!

If you like what you’ve read here, please let others know of this post, blog, and site.

And thanks for reading!  🙂

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