Yup, I Had to Let Them Go!

You may have noticed that my sticky post on this site regarding two new websites to visit, is no longer there.


I’ve shut down both apartmentway.com and resumescheap.com. I had them up and running for two years, but, no matter what I did, they hardly had any traffic, they required more work than I was able to put in, and my renewal date and bill for hosting them was approaching, so, I’ve decided to cancel the hosting account and shut both sites down.

Apartmentway had only a few posts that have been more or less duplicated here on lifespaceblog.com.

Resumescheap got me absolutely zero business for my resume writing business.

Craigslist, my car door magnets, my business cards, word of mouth, referrals from satisfied clients, and yes, lifespaceblog (Which costs far less to maintain than the other two websites!), each, by themselves, got me more notice and business than resumescheap ever did.

And neither site produced any revenue from clicks on ads or other sources.

What does this mean for this site and my resume business?

Don’t worry, this site, lifespaceblog.com, is here to stay, and so is my resume writing business!

In fact, I’ve had more clients these past two months than I think I’ve had in any two month stretch so far, and, if you or anyone you know needs a resume or other simple writing task done, please send them my way! The sidebar and my services page will have information as to contacting me.

To those of you who have checked out those two other sites, thanks for visiting them and checking them out, and I hope you will still come and visit here at lifespaceblog.

If you like what you’ve read here, please let others know of this post, site, and blog.

And thanks for reading!  🙂

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