When’s The Best Time for Christmas Shopping? October!

What’s the rush? Christmas is still two months away! Right? Sure. But, the best time to go Christmas shopping is actually, now! That is, October!

Why October? Well, July may be too early, as you may not really know what to get for whom, yet and you may be too busy with summer activities.

But, why wait till December, or even Black Friday, when the crowds will be intense and things will get crazy and crowded very quickly. I know of at least one mall area in California that is a constant traffic jam from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve! And I’m sure it’s not the only one!

Also, I’ve heard that those “sweet deals” that you see advertised during the holidays may be artificial, that is, their low prices may be only relatively low. What happens is that some retailers may slowly raise prices on items they believe will be popular for gift giving during the holidays, so that the holiday  shopping season lowering of prices on those items is really just bringing the price down to their normal level, and you’re not really getting a true bargain! I could be wrong on this, but it is something I once heard.

In October, the focus is on Halloween, which covers a smaller niche of items. Everything else will probably be normally priced and the crowds won’t be insane. You’ll be able to get a parking space less than 3 miles from the store! And it won’t take you 3 hours to get out of the mall parking lot when you’re done shopping!

And many stores will also be featuring Christmas decor by this time, so you can even get those items for decorating in October as well.

And perhaps best of all, you can smugly smile in December, knowing your Christmas shopping is done, as your friends tell their tales of struggle as they shop in the thick of the holiday shopping season!

So, think about shopping for Christmas now, in October. It just may make for a less stressful shopping season.

Happy shopping!

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And thanks for reading!  🙂

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