Ditch That Cover Letter?

Every day it seems that there are one or more articles about what you need to get a job. Sure, there are those real obvious things that everyone knows to do, such as being on time for that interview and being courteous and polite, as well as those obvious things not to do, like knowing not to pass gas or talk trash about the company during the interview.

But some things are not so obvious and there can be a wide range of opinions as to whether it’s better to do, or not do, a particular something during the job hunt.

Recently, I saw an article online that questioned a need to have a cover letter with your resume. The article explained how some hiring managers and employers see a cover letter as a form of “kissing up”.

So, should you ditch that cover letter?

Maybe, and maybe not.

One thing I find about these articles is that they don’t really give a concrete “yes or no” answer, but instead point to possible trends of the moment. And it’s important to view them as such, rather than as a concrete answer either way.

This is because every situation is different. As to the article I mentioned above, regarding cover letters, it really depends on the employer. I’m sure many employers and hiring managers see the cover letter as a come-on and some may even be repulsed by a cover letter. On the other hand, many will see the cover letter as an introduction to the person the applicant is, not just a list of skills and accomplishments. Also, depending on how the letter is addressed, it can make the resume and the applicant, seem more “personal” to the prospective employer, particularly if the letter is addressed to the hiring person by name.

And this goes for any advice you read regarding job hunting. Anything you do during the job hunt will be viewed favorable by some prospective employers, neutral by others, and unfavorable by still others.

So, if an article says that it’s better not to submit a cover letter with your resume, it doesn’t mean that to do so is automatically wrong. It just may not have as much impact with as many employers as it once did.

So, if you feel more comfortable sticking with your current strategy in your job hunt, go right ahead and send that cover letter.

Good luck with your job hunt!

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One thought on “Ditch That Cover Letter?

  1. Nice article! As an employer, I REALLY like a cover letter, even a brief one. IT shows that they have paid attention. There are many job seekers who simply “blast” their resumes to many jobs. Then I find, after contacting them, that they haven’t even read my job posting. Often, a waste of time for all!


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