What are some Good Traits to Have?

Lots of times, I’ve been in situations where I didn’t know what to say, or whether to say anything at all, or where my timing was just off, or I just felt plain awkward, even if I was just standing there. And, from my perspective, it just seems as if everyone else knows what they are doing.

So, in thinking about this, I’ve identified three traits I wish I had. I’ve also added them to my Page of Lists on this site.

The first of these is, knowing what and what not to say, or whether I should say anything at all.

This may be the best trait I could have. Oh, there have been times when I did say the right thing or when I did keep my mouth shut for the better. But oftentimes, even when I said the right thing, or rightly kept my mouth shut, I was often unsure if I did do the right thing. It would be great to always know. The benefits of such a trait start with the fact that I’d be much less likely to inadvertently insult someone or simply say the wrong thing in a situation such as a job interview or when talking to a car sales rep. Also, I would know when I could negotiate, present something, or sell something,  and when I shouldn’t even try to.

Next, is having great timing.

This is almost as good as knowing what to say. It would be nice to decide to take that different route when it’s not going to be clogged with traffic, or to get to the checkout area just as a new check stand is opening so you can be first in line.

Last is, looking good no matter what.

I’ve often felt awkward in some situations, sometimes just by being there. It’s that feeling like you’re the only one who hasn’t a clue and everyone else looks like they know what they’re doing. This is especially true when thrust into a new situation, such as starting a new job. You hear things like, “reg-E”, “30aught6”, or “MA2784”, and wonder what the heck is being talked about. And you get the feeling that others expect you to have known this from day one. Or at least it seems that way. It’s quite possible that it’s me feeling this way and that others aren’t really perceiving me as a “know nothing”, though In some cases I knew some were seeing me as such.

I guess what I’m really wanting here is the ability to not feel as if I know nothing in such a situation.

So anyway, these are just my votes for the top 3 traits I would want to have or have to a greater degree.

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And thanks for reading!

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