If It’s Good, Let Them Know Too!

Oftentimes, when you hear someone talk about customer service they’ve received or a product that they’ve purchased, you often hear the bad side. Not always, but probably more often than not. And most of us, if we do have a bad or negative experience with a product or service, we are more likely to tell about it.

To be sure, you will hear about good service and products, too, but I think you’re more likely to hear the negative more than the positive. And what’s the possible effect of this?

That fewer people in the service industry will go the extra mile, or even do their jobs as required, and good products and features will disappear as positive feedback is little or non-existent.

Now, this effect is usually long-term and not readily apparent, but I believe it is there. So, in my case, I do try to give positive feedback whenever I have the chance to review or give an opinion on a good service or a good product that I’ve purchased.

When I purchase something online, find that I am satisfied with it, and I get an e-mail requesting a review of the product, I submit the review and make sure to point out what I like about the product. And in the case of someone who gets tips, such as a waiter or waitress, I add to the tip if the service was above average or they went the extra mile. It makes my day as well as theirs.

This helps to ensure that the service person will continue to provide the excellent service they’ve provided and that the company or store will try to continue to carry that great product. And it’s just the right thing to do.

After all, if they provided a lousy service or product, most of us would certainly let them know it. We should be just as eager to let them know what a great job they’ve done or how great their product is when our expectations are exceeded as well.

Be sure to mention those positives, too!

If you like what you’ve read here, please let others know of this post, blog, and site!

And thanks for reading!  🙂

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