So, How Do I Like My Smart Phone After 6 Months?

Well, I’ve had my Smart Phone for 6 months now. It’s my first. So, how do I like it, and smart phones in general?

I have to say, so far, so good! And, as a matter of fact, I’ve gotten used to what my phone can do for me now.

First, and probably most important, are the apps that I can get, for free. Yes, there are some you have to pay for, but so far, I haven’t needed those. Most companies that provide apps will provide them for free, since many of them want you to come to them or buy from them. And the free app acts as free advertising for them as well.

Apps are really great, as they can often allow easy access to finding things on the go, and comparing prices. They can also alert you.  If your favorite store is having a sudden sale, and you have their app, you may get an alert from them.

Apps can also help in monitoring information and controlling things from afar. I have an app that allows me to check to see if my burglar alarm is set, and, if it’s not, I can set it from my phone!

I also have an app for locating theaters and checking what movies are available, where they’re playing, and I can even purchase tickets, which would be waiting for me when I get there! It’s also the same with many apps for eating places, including many of your favorites!

And if I don’t know where there is?

I have Google Maps, which can mark the location and tell me how to get there, too! This came standard with my phone, and most smart phones will come with a set of pre-installed apps, such as the Google set on Android phones.

Next, I have internet access. So, I can check up on e-mails and unclutter my inbox without having to wait until I get home! I can also surf the web. And, I can also watch YouTube videos, though these will use up lots of data and memory.

So, am I one of those who is constantly texting or checking my phone? No, I’m not. While you do have to try to avoid the urge to multitask with a smart phone, (Studies show multi-tasking makes one less effective!) I’ve never been a good multitasker and I refuse to bend to the idea that one must be doing everything at once all the time or be connected all the time!

But, if I’m waiting in a doctor’s office or am in some other “waiting situation”, then yes, I may check my e-mail inbox with my phone.

And finally, there are apps for free games, which are pretty good, too. I have Chess and also Checkers apps.

So, while I didn’t feel the need for a smart phone until a possible job situation came up which required one, I’ve seen that they can do a whole lot more than a “regular” cell phone can.

And best of all, you don’t need the latest, top of the line $700 I-phone or Android phone to get these great features! I got my phone, an LG Optimus Zone 2, for only $49! To see how, check out my post, “Again, Before Jumping In, Do Your Research! (Or how I got a $149 phone for just $49!)”.

So, if you’re thinking about a smart phone, you can get them with lots of features, and cheaply, too!

Good luck with your smart phone!

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And thanks for reading!  🙂