Again, Before Jumping In, Do Your Research! (Or how I got a $149 phone for just $49!)

Well, believe it or not, I just got my first true smart phone! Yeah, really! So, what kind did I get? I Phone 6? Top of the line Moto X? Did I pay $300 to $600?

Nope. I got an LG Optimus Zone 2. And I love it! I just got the phone last weekend for a new part-time job that I’ll be adding to my other two jobs. So, as usual, instead of jumping in and getting the first phone and plan I saw, I did some research. And it really paid off for me!

First, the plan. I was on a “Paygo” plan, where I would pay just $1.99 on any day I used my phone, no matter how many calls I made that day or how long I talked. Texts only cost about 2 cents. No data included. It was a great plan, as I never got above $35 monthly, and there was no contract, unlike my previous plan, where I was sometimes hit with $100 monthly bills, and roaming charges if I went out of the area. Worst case scenario, I’d make or get a call every day and pay $62 for a monthly period equivalent.

Now, however, I needed to add data and get a smart phone. Most plans of the type I was now looking for, (No Contract, flat fee, unlimited talk) charge between $40 and $50 now. (By the way, this would still give me a great annual savings over the plan I had before I switched to Paygo!) I knew I didn’t want a contract, so that if I didn’t like the plan, I could leave it without penalty. All of the plans I researched offered unlimited talk and text and varying amounts of data usage per month. But, instead of just paying for more data that I may not need, I asked the potential employer what I would be using data for, then, I asked the respective mobile service carriers how much data would I need in doing what my future employer said I’d need to do.

This helped me make my decision. I stuck with my original carrier because I knew them, they’d always treated me right, and it’s easier to talk to a human being when I need to contact them. Their plan was $45 monthly flat fee. Plus, they offered a doubling of my data at no extra charge if I used their autopay system, which frees me from having to remember to add money to my account in order to keep my service running.

Now, the phone. The LG phone that I got was really the best for me. It’s an LG Optimus Zone 2, and is about the same size as my previous phone, an LG Extravert, yet has a larger screen. Its small size also means that it will fit into the same carrying case that my previous phone did, so I don’t need to get a new case for it! And, because it’s not the size of a small skateboard, I’m not afraid that I’ll break it when I get into my car and it bends or breaks because it’s attached to my belt! (I know, this is an exaggeration, but smart phones have been getting bigger even as they get thinner, and so are getting more awkward to carry and are more prone to getting bent and broken.)

However, the carrier’s store quoted me $149 for the phone! I didn’t want to pay this much and knew I’d seen the phone for less at a nearby super center. So, I went there and checked out the phone there, and got written confirmation of the phone’s $49 price tag. So, I went back  to my carrier’s store, confirmation in hand, and showed it to the guy at the carrier’s store. Upon seeing my confirmation of the $49 price for the same phone he was offering at $149, he said he’d sell me the same phone at the same price offered by the super center, $49, if I bought it from his store instead.

So I did, saving $100 in the bargain. So remember, even if you have to get something on short notice like I did, try to do your research first! It will really pay off!

Good luck shopping!

And thanks for reading! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Again, Before Jumping In, Do Your Research! (Or how I got a $149 phone for just $49!)

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