Air blowers: A Symbol of Stupidity

Lots of things can be a symbol of stupidity, but I do have one candidate that stands out for me. It’s the air blower.

Why? Well, I distribute fliers door to door and often run across gardening crews working on someone’s yard. And the crews are often using the usual equipment, including mowers, weed wackers, various pruning shears, brooms, and of course, air blowers.

The weed wackers and mowers are the most constructive, as the grass has to be mowed, weeds need to be cut back or out, and bushes and trees often need pruning. And the brooms are good for cleanup.

Air blowers are also used for cleanup. But what do they really do? They blow dust and debris all over the place, for one.  And some goes into the neighbors’ yards and driveways, and onto their cars, too.

Some people may say, “So what, at least they cleaned my place!”
But guess what happens? The crew that does your neighbor’s yard (And it could be the same crew you hired!) will use air blowers to do their cleanup, and some of that dust and debris that was blown from your yard to theirs, will be returned to you!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Add to this the noise. Always, I have observed that the air blowers were the loudest of all the equipment that the crew used.  They drown out the gas-powered pruners, the weed wackers, and even the lawn mowers!

So, why are air blowers used? I think it’s just “grown” on gardeners over the years.

It’s simpler and easier than using just brooms, for one.  And gardeners often claim that they cannot work without them!

Well, there have been gardeners as long as humans have had homes, for thousands of years. What did all those gardeners do before air blowers came along?

And, as for ease of cleanup, using a hose would be just as easy, far less dusty, and much cleaner. And the neighbors won’t be complaining about the coating of dust on their just washed cars.

Now, of course in areas where there is drought, such as California, using water is no longer an option for now.

But how about this: A vacuum cleaner. Not a real large truck mounted model, or the ones you use in your house, but one you can push with a large bag and its own motor.

This is not new. When I was in elementary school, before air blowers were used very much, a custodian would push a vacuum cleaner with a very large bag around the play yard every so often. It worked just fine. The vacuum had its own motor and was fully portable, and no louder than an air blower. It used no water and created no dust, nor did it just shuffle debris around that would be shuffled back when another section of the play yard was vacuumed. And it was small enough to be easily carried in a gardener’s truck.

I doubt this solution would be implemented, but, if you know a gardener, or have one working for you, you might give him or her this suggestion.

Maybe you can stop the dust and debris transfer this summer season.

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And thanks for reading!  🙂

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