A Fathers’ Day (and Mothers’ Day, too) Message

I’ve written before on how it is important to keep in touch and, with June 21st being Fathers’ Day, as well as the first day of summer, it’s especially important to stay in touch with your parents.

If they at least tried to be what a parent should be, it is important to keep in touch with them and to remember and contact them always, especially on special days like their birthdays and Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day.

Sure, you may have chafed under their rules in the past and you’ve certainly had your disagreements, as we all have, but chances are, you also had your good times and there have been times when they showed you how much they loved you, warts and all. And as the years pass, if you stop to really think about it, you’ll see they did more for you, in many ways, than you realize.

And, you don’t know how long you’ll have them, and even if they live to be 100 and you are 75, when they pass, it will still feel like it’s too soon.

So, On Father’s Day, call your father! And if he’s no longer with you, then call your mother! And vice versa on Mother’s Day!

You’ll be glad you did.

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