In the Market for a Sports Car? Here’s some Things to Think About

If you’ve read my earlier post, Why I Prefer Small Cars“, you may have read that, when I was younger, I liked sports cars. They looked great, (And still do, in my opinion!), they were fast, and also powerful, and I assumed they really handled well.

As time went on, however, I saw that these cars were really impractical for me. And possibly others, too. Now, you may have heard stories about some guy, (Usually a middle-aged guy, but any guy, or girl, is prone to doing something like this!), who wins the lottery or receives a really big inheritance and rushes out to get his Ferrari, Maserati, or Lamborghini. What happens?

Well, first of all, he probably thinks he looks really great and impressive. But he soon has to confront some realities.

First, cost. Unless his windfall is really, really huge, he could be blowing it all, or close to it. Many exotic sports cars come with price tags of $250,000 and up. And even used models can set you back $80,000 or more, enough to buy 3 or 4 brand new 2014 Honda Civics or Toyota Corollas fully loaded.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s insurance, which is likely to be astronomical as well. I know its pure speculation, but I would guess that one’s yearly cost for insuring a Ferrari at the lowest level of coverage could be enough to insure 5 average mid-sized cars at full coverage for each!

Also, due to their powerful engines, they are not likely to do well in the gas mileage department.

Then, these cars require lots of maintenance. And, since mechanics who specialize in these cars are in a high-end niche, they will charge much more for their services. And these cars often have more things go wrong here and there, than most less expensive cars.

Then, there’s driving them. I’ve never driven one, but I understand that it’s very easy to ruin a clutch or other part of these vehicles if shifting and acceleration aren’t done right. And, if fueled by an ignorant need to show how fast one can go, control can be easily lost. Check out You Tube videos under “Jerks Driving Super Cars”, or anything similar.

And, their interiors are often cramped, and may be more spartan in terms of amenities than one would expect. You also ride very low, and if you’re big and tall, overweight, or arthritic, or just plain unable to bend easily, getting in and out of these cars can be a real pain. And for long trips, forget it! I saw a You Tube video once about the Lamborghini Countache, One of the top exotic cars of the 1970’s, and which may be the basis of the designs of many of today’s exotic sports cars. The guy who tested the car and told about his experience with it, did say that he could not drive it for more than one hour before he had to stop and get out, or he would be in pain. And these cars also have very limited storage capacity.

So, if you do have a great windfall, and really want that Ferrari, do your homework, and think about these things, before deciding if you really want an exotic car for your next ride.

Happy motoring!

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And thanks for reading!  🙂

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