Is it Just Me? – What I See Bad Drivers Driving

The other night, as I was coming home from work, I stopped for a yellow light. In the next lane, a minivan, that had been well behind me and driving too slow, had plenty of time to stop for that same light, which turned red as I stopped. The minivan was still further back than I was, but instead of stopping, sped up and went right through the now red light!

It may just be me, (And believe me, this post is pure speculation on my part!), but it seems that most of the bad drivers I’ve seen in over two decades of driving, were driving either small pickup trucks or minivans!

Why is this? First, let me be clear. Not all drivers of minivans and small pickups are bad drivers!

I’ve seen bad driving from people in all types of vehicles, but it’s just that most of  the bad drivers I’ve seen were driving minivans and small pickups. Perhaps it may just be that both minivans and small pickups have enjoyed quite a bit of popularity over the last two decades or longer, so there are more of them on the road. Really small pickups, like the first Datsun, now Nissan, and Toyota pickups, have become less common, as their successor trucks have gotten larger, more substantial, and more powerful. But minivans still sell and there are lots of them on the road still.

As to what kinds of bad driving I’ve seen? Well, I’ve seen minivans going the wrong way in parking lots that are very clearly marked for direction of travel. And I’ve seen one minivan driver park right in the middle of a narrow residential street and go into a house, when there was room to park at a curb. She was blocking the street and complained when drivers honked their horns for her to move! And lot’s of times, I’ve seen them being driven too slowly, when there was no reason for driving that slow. And I see them often cutting off other drivers, too.

And believe it or not, the U.S.A. is not the only country where I’ve observed this! I was watching a YouTube video showing a motorcycle rider, using a GoPro camera, riding on a street in Kinshasa, Congo, and would you believe, a minivan cut him off, forcing him to slow down greatly!

So, what is it with minivans and small pickups? Could it be the shape of the vehicles? Maybe some “cosmic” force caused by the shape or size, or even type, of the vehicle that subliminally makes the driver less capable? Who knows. This is just what I’ve seen. Maybe it is just me.

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And thanks for reading!  🙂


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