Creating a More Livable Home Environment in 5 Simple Steps

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According to estimates, we spend around 90% of our time indoors and, in particular, we are in our homes for 62% of our waking time. With so much time spent within our four walls, it is easy to see how the home environment can impact our physical health, mental wellbeing, and family life. 

So, if you have been thinking about sprucing up your home and creating a better living environment for your entire family, this might just be the best time to get started on your project!

If you are unsure where to start, the tips below can help you boost the livability, health, and comfort of your home. Start here!

Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in your home’s interior design. Thanks to the lighting, you can highlight furniture, accent walls, and works of art. But well-position lighting can also help you set the right mood for your home and make everyday tasks such as cooking, studying, and reading much more enjoyable. 

While just adding more lamps and upgrading the bulbs on existing ones can be an affordable, short-term solution, if you are thinking about boosting your home livability through lighting you should opt to invest in professional Lighting Services.

Focus on Your Outside Area

As house prices continue to rise, families around the countries are always more involved in a “race for space”. However, investing in a larger or more spacious home isn’t the only strategy you can use to increase your livable square footage. 

A great way to do so is to focus on your garden or backyard. 

From adding a deck or veranda to landscaping your outside area, investing in your garden is a great way to extend your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. 

What’s more, planting trees around your property and installing fences are great ways to make your house more private

Declutter and Embrace Minimalism

Clutter isn’t just the worst enemy to your home’s livability, it can also negatively affect your health. A cluttered living space can increase the levels of stress and anxiety among the members of your family and make it challenging to focus on important tasks. 

What’s more, a cluttered home can be much more difficult to clean and keep tidy, which increases the chances of dust and mites buildups. In turn, this can lead to allergies and respiratory issues. 

Create a healthy environment by embracing minimalism, decluttering, and decorating with plants and other natural materials. 

Upgrade Your Insulation

Your home’s insulation plays a crucial role in regulating your property’s internal temperature and boosting the house’s energy efficiency. This isn’t only important to improve your home’s livability during summer and winter, but it can also help you lower your monthly costs and energy bills. 

Rethink Your Home’s Layout

During the pandemic, millions of people had to reconfigure their lives – no wonder the number of home renovations has been consistently rising over the past two years!

Whether you have decided to start working from home, or you have started an at-home exercise routine, changing up your home’s layout can create space for a home office or private gym!

Whatever you decide to add to your current living space, make sure it reflects your lifestyle!

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