How To Take Healthcare Off “Hold” Post-Pandemic

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It goes without saying that the pandemic changed the way we thought about health, for a number of reasons. Not only did it make us think about how to avoid infection and what to do if we were infected, it gave us cause to think a lot about health on a non-Covid front. What would we do if we fell ill with something else while quarantine was in place and hospitals were busy? How did we feel about telemedicine instead of a face-to-face with our usual GP? These questions, and others, were widely asked at the start of the pandemic, and have given rise to a change in how many people think about health.

It also will have given some of us time to think about things we had been putting off. As we entered the pandemic, we may have been idly considering one procedure or another. We may have been thinking about making a change in how we dealt with health issues. As time moves on, now may be the time to think about taking action on some of the changes we wanted to make “when the pandemic was over”. There’s never a bad time to get healthier.

Time to focus on healthier eating?

The speed with which things shut down when the pandemic landed was a sensible move, considering how easily the virus could spread in crowded areas. It did, however, mean there was a certain amount of panic in people’s response the the measures that came in, and for a lot of us, clean eating plans went out the window. Gaining a little bit of a pandemic belly was understandable, but if you’ve got plans to shift it, there is no better time than now – not least because, if you do get infected, being overweight can aggravate its seriousness.

Time to get that cosmetic treatment?

At some stage during the pandemic, all of us have looked in the mirror and accepted that there has been a slippage of standards. It’s natural – the last couple of years have been chaotic for reasons that include, but also go well beyond, the pandemic. Many of us have resolved that, when the time is right, we will go for a skin peel, seek out a cosmetic dentist, or start going to the spa again. These options have been open to us for some time, so if you’ve been thinking about a cosmetic treatment, it may be time to go.

Time to have a check-up?
It’s undeniable that many of us ignored health issues during the pandemic because we felt they were minor, and they weren’t Covid so they weren’t a priority. If those issues persisted, it’s to be hoped that you still got them checked out eventually. But even if they didn’t, there is a salient point to be made about the importance of seeing your doctor, especially if you’re over the age of 40. Staying healthy does include communicating with medical professionals and having a once-over every once in a while to make sure there’s nothing troubling on the way. It’s also a way to discover any benign chronic issues that could be remedied with medication or supplements, so if you haven’t seen your GP, make an appointment now.

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