5 Things You’ll Need For A Backcountry Adventure

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When people want a break from everyday life, they’ll go on a vacation somewhere. But, most folks will choose holidays to typical destinations like resorts, city centers, or coastal areas. The thing is, you’re here because you want a different kind of vacation.

What you’d like to do is go on a backcountry adventure and go completely off-grid. If you’ve never been on such a vacation before, the good news is that planning for one isn’t as complicated or scary as it seems. Here’s a few essentials that you’ll need for your future backcountry adventure:

1. Capable Transport

Let’s face it: the last thing you would do is traverse dirt tracks or snowy roads in rural locations in a small compact car. That’s why it makes sense to have the right vehicle before you embark on your journey into the backcountry.

SUVs are the popular choice because they can go off-road yet also offer plenty of comfort and luxury. The price of used SUVs is low enough to be affordable to most people, so obtaining one shouldn’t be an issue financially.

2. Food And Water

Next, you must ensure you have more than enough food and water for the duration of your trip to the backcountry.

Always pack extra things to eat and drink in case of delays or emergencies during your trip. Remember, you can always consume unused food and drink when you return home.

It makes sense to pack food that mostly has a long shelf life, such as packaged or canned goods. Also, take an insulated cooler box with you to keep perishable items with a short shelf life from spoiling.

3. Shelter

You’re unlikely to spend your time sleeping in your SUV or whatever vehicle you plan to take a road trip to the backcountry. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to take the right shelter to use for the duration of your trip.

Consider purchasing a durable, high-quality construction tent that’s simple enough to erect and big enough for your needs. You’ll also need other items like a sleeping bag, mat, and groundsheet.

4. First Aid Kit

No one wants to think about getting injured during a vacation. However, one fact you cannot avoid is that it sometimes happens. For that reason, you should take a first aid kit with you in case of any emergencies.

Whether you purchase a pre-packaged one or you create it yourself, your first aid kit should have all the essential items you need to tend to any minor injuries.

5. Appropriate Clothing And Footwear

Last but not least, you will need to pack suitable clothing and footwear for your vacation to the backcountry. For example, if you’re going to a snow-covered location, you shouldn’t wear shorts and a t-shirt during the day!

Always research the likely weather conditions and temperatures when you wish to go and pack clothing and footwear appropriate to those conditions and temperatures.

Also, pack more items than you need if you need to change your clothing more frequently than anticipated.

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