How To Balance A Tidy And Clean Home When Juggling A Busy Life

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Keeping your home in order is no easy feat for most. It requires a fair amount of work and effort. When you start adding into the equation work, looking after the children, managing the home and everyone’s schedule, and have to complete daily tasks such as cooking and washing on top of all of this, it is easy to understand why you feel so tired and are teetering on burnout and losing all motivation to start cleaning. 

You might find yourself pondering when you actually have the time needed to complete the cleaning task whilst balancing all of your other responsibilities as still being present within your family’s lives. You get home, you are tired, all you really want to do is sit down, put your feet up and have that well deserved break. And yet, you also want this clean, tidy, beautiful home at the same time. 

There is a secret however, you can keep you home, pretty much, consistently clean and tidy and get that opportunity to have a sit down and rest. 

With these tips, you will be able to get the job done in the time you have available. 

Do A Little Each Day

When it comes to cleaning, finding or making a large chunk of time to complete a full, top to bottom clean of the whole house isn’t always easy. No wonder you feel like you don’t have the time when you are balancing working, kids and activities. 

However, there is no rule saying you have to clean your whole house in one go. Instead, commit yourself to complete a little each day. It is easier to find 30 minutes per day to focus and clean a room of the house. Think about your kitchen from Panda Kitchen & Bath Expo, it is completely possible to complete a thorough clean in 30 minutes each week. If you commit the same dedication each day to a different room, your whole house will be kept clean and tidy and still benefit from regular cleaning. 

Clean More Frequently

Although you might not believe it now, but keeping on top of your cleaning and cleaning more often will make it easier and quicker for you. 

You are possibly thinking, well if I don’t have the time now, how can I possibly clean more often. But, the reality is it is easier and quicker to clean. 

Think about it, when you leave a room and it is covered in thick dust, grim and sticky fingers. You will need to spend a reasonable amount of time cleaning and scrubbing to make it sparkle. However, if you make the two minutes needed and wipe the fingerprints away when you see them and generally maintain a clean-ish space, when it comes to the time to clean you only need to dust, wipe down and plump up the cushions and your room is back to looking glorious. 

Of course, option two is much more appealing and easier. Overall, by doing a little each day and not letting it build up, you will effectively keep you home in a consistently tidier and cleaner state.

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