Who Said You Had To Clean Your Car Every Weekend?

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Unless your car is your world (in which case, carry on!) the chances are that you don’t love having to scrub your paintwork at the best of times. After all, you’ve got far better things to do, especially if this task eats up every weekend.

The problem is, you may fear that stopping this habit could quickly lead to the messy vehicle of your nightmares. But, does that need to be the case? After all, plenty of other people get by washing their cars a lot less, and their vehicles seem to somehow stay clean come rain or shine. The question is, how is that possible, and what you can do to join them?

Think about where you’re parking

While you might not give much thought to your parking setup aside from practicality, where you choose to park has a huge impact on how clean your car stays and for how long. Parking under trees is especially notorious for causing messes including sticky sap and even a bird poop or two to make sure your clean car doesn’t stay sparkling for long. Avoid all of this, and that weekend clean in turn, by making sure not to park under trees where you can. Even if this means walking for a bit longer, you can guarantee it’ll save you a load of time in the long run.

Get proactive about protections

Some cars are more resistant to dirt than others, either because of their colours or their design. That’s a fact, and it means that your need for regular cleaning is likely more about your vehicle than it is a reflection on you. That being said, there are protections you can implement that will help your car’s cleanliness and appearance in the long run. Even something as simple as buying a cover that protects your paintwork from mucky stuff when it’s not in use is going to help here. Equally, more permanent solutions like this ceramic coating car lovers rave about can help to protect your paintwork, and the appearance of your car in general, in a long term, no-hassle sense. Failing that, simply making sure to wax your paintwork when you do embark on a clean ensures that your efforts make a difference for far longer. 

Image Source: CC0 Licence

Clean as you go

While most of us clean as we go when it comes to things like our homes, few of us apply this same mentality to our cars, yet this alone could make a huge difference. Obviously, cleaning as you go isn’t going to help with external appearances, but making sure to keep your exteriors clean of grime and rubbish by always keeping wet wipes or a car-based trash can to hand can still work wonders. At the very least, feeling like your car interiors are still up to scratch could see you successfully pushing that big weekend clean for at least another few weeks overall.

Get your weekends back by putting these pointers into place and you’ll quickly feel a whole lot freer!

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