Getting Relief from Arthritis: What You Can Do

Before you know what remedies will help you get relief from Arthritis pain, you should know about the disease. Arthritis is mainly a degenerative condition that involves inflammation of the joints. And, once it sets in, there is no way you get rid of it permanently. Additionally, it is an auto-immune disease that leads to occasional flares.

There are two types of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. While the former is concerned with degenerative cartilages, the latter is related to the joints. The immune system accidentally attacks the joints. To the arthritic sufferer, doctors give healthcare guidelines. In addition to following the guidelines, a patient must constantly attend to the condition due to sudden flares and try things to lessen the pain. Read about the best ways to alleviate the condition.

Maintain Weight

Your weight is a big factor when it comes to Arthritis. It’s the first thing your doctor will ask you to do. The lesser the pressure on the legs, the better it is for you. You may mostly see the inflammation in the legs and feet’ joints. However, inflammation in the elbow joint or knuckles cannot be ruled out. If you lose weight, you can improve your mobility and decrease the related pain.

Try reaching a healthy BMI. For that, follow a healthy diet, keep carbohydrates and fats at bay. Besides sticking to a stick dietary regime, indulge in working out regularly. Exercise won’t just help you with the condition but also benefit you in several ways. You may also take a supplement such as Litesse to make you full, so you eat less junk and fats. One such drink, Fit ‘n Right CTRL juice, contains this dietary fiber. It keeps one from munching unhealthy or frequently.

To achieve your weight loss and maintenance goals, follow a diet, exercise regularly, and take harmless supplements. However, do not consume anything without a doctor’s advice. Once you attain a healthy BMI, you will experience relief from arthritic issues.

Exercise Regularly

If you have Arthritis, you can manage it effectively through regular low-impact exercises. One of the best exercises is swimming and yoga in the pool. Water helps the body relax and also reduces friction when you work out. Many seniors with Arthritis also practice water aerobics. Walking and exercising in waist-deep water lessens the pressure on the joints. Swimming is a full-day workout that can alleviate your pain to a huge extent.

Aqua yoga is also quite popular today. You can practice standing positions in the water. Apart from that, you can practice it on land as well. Those who have tender joints can also practice it. Yoga uses deep relaxation techniques and can ease muscle pain to a considerable extent. It also makes the immune system healthy. Stretching also increases the mobility of the body.

Take Hot and Cold Therapy

You can also get relief from Arthritis with hot and cold therapy. It will do you a lot of good if you take hot showers or a bath in a hot water tub. It will relax every joint and muscle in the body. Some seniors also use electric blankets while sleeping to keep the area warm. Cold therapy can also relieve you of the pain for some time, at least.

Additionally, you will get instant relief from swelling and inflammation. It is the numbing effect of the ice that does the trick. Some ointments containing Capsaicin also produce a lot of heat when massaged into the area.

Try Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture treatment is a holistic therapy that can help you get rid of the pain and remain like that for months. It is an ancient Chinese Medicine Treatment that can incorporate needles. The process involves the insertion of very fine stainless-steel needles into a particular part of the body. Most Chinese medicine practitioners have been using this methodology for thousands of years with success.

Some patients with Arthritis have reported stress relief after the treatment, apart from better sleep and release of serotonin. It is something that will take you to another level, all together in terms of pain relief. Many patients have reported that they do not feel any pain for a few months and sometimes more after the treatment.

Get Massage Therapy

Any type of massage therapy that uses strokes involving medium pressure is apt for Arthritis. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage are the most prominent. Additionally, Swedish massage involves long and swift strokes on the affected areas. It relives the soreness and stiffness of the joints. Deep tissue massage helps to reduce the soreness from the deeper muscular layers. And, thirdly hot stones used in the hot stone massage helps to heat the muscles and tissues and relieve pain.

You can also practice self-massage regularly with a lubricant. There are herbal oils that aid in alleviating the pain. Try out oils that contain ginger, camphor, and aniseeds. These are said to have pain relief properties.

These are a few ways in which you can get relief from Arthritis. Combine at least two of these, if not all, and stay fit and healthy.

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