Stuck Indoors? Get Busy with these Home Beauty Treatments

If you’re searching for a positive side towards today’s new normal, here’s one -being pushed out of your typical beauty regimen allows you to mix it up in the future. While you stay safe at home, now is the time to try out new beauty techniques, may it be a scalp cleanse or elaborate nail art. And perhaps, you’ll develop a habit that you’ll like even after the quarantine period is done.

Of course, cosmetic procedures should have an intended purpose, but they should also be enjoyable. And besides, DIY facial masks, keratin treatments, and quirky cosmetic tools are a tried-and-true means to unwind when nothing else seems appealing.

Are you in the mood for some pampering or looking for a fun way to add glam to your routines? Here are some home beauty practices to learn from various experts.

Fruit Hand Masks

Our hands might use some tender loving care with all the cleaning and disinfection duties. Hand masks are slowly gaining popularity as it gives your cuticles the hydration boost it needs. Most varieties are made with soothing fruit extracts and Vitamin E for softer hands and more excellent ingrown nails. All you need to do is dip your hands into the juice and leave it on for some time. It’s an authentic hands-off way to maximize your chill time.

Anti-Aging Cocoa Face Mask

A delicious, antioxidant-rich cocoa mask replaces moisture and restores the skin’s youthful look. As people age, the skin’s moisture barrier starts to break down, resulting in dryness. In that case, the skin’s immune layer decreases. At this point, hydration and moisture is the most vital skin saver.

By combining chocolate powder, sour cream, honey, and egg white, you’ll get to enjoy the potent components of a multi-tasking wonder cream. Apply it to your face and let it dry before rinsing.

Brightening Peel

Is your skin discolored even after you’ve washed it? A five-minute exfoliation cleanser is all that it takes to remove dead cells that are dimming your radiance. Start applying witch hazel extract to your skin, let it stay for a few minutes, and then work your way in removing the debris.

This ingredient is often available in a skin white toner which essentially functions as a gentle peeling component beneficial to aging skin. It will make you appear younger, beauty products penetrate more efficiently, and cosmetics will glide on more smoothly.

Hair Repair Mask

Is your hair straw-like? A mask containing plant butter and botanical oils can repair and enhance all types of dry hair, including curly, damaged, textured, and colored hair. It’s best to keep it on for as long as possible or sleep in it to save time. Then, in the morning, wash your hair. This mask can also be used as a rinse-out moisturizer or as a leave-in conditioner for additional nourishment.

Detox Bath

The upcoming holidays are calling; having a tight waistline and a bloated feeling will surely come. You can blame it all on the celebration’s chips and drinks, but taking a detox bath first thing in the morning is all it takes to get over it.

Performing a 20-minute bath in Epsom salts will help flush out extra sodium and water in your system, all thanks to its primary element, Magnesium. You can make the process a step further by eating diuretic meals such as asparagus, pineapple, banana, or drinking some chai or ginger tea.


You can use an at-home steamer after your skin has been freshly exfoliated. There are various advantages to steaming. It raises the skin’s interior warmth and expands the pores significantly. This step causes the solidified oils in the pores to dissolve gradually, making extraction processes simpler. It also improves blood circulation to the skin and is incredibly hydrating since it adds moisture to the skin.

Blackhead Removal

If you’re thinking of removing your blackheads, make sure you handle them carefully to avoid damaging your skin and pores.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions if you’re using an extracting tool. But if you’re going to use your fingers, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands. It’s best to change positioning to avoid leaving marks on your skin or producing irritation. When nothing comes out, it’s time to move forward and apply a topical treatment to prevent debris from reforming.

You can give yourself a superb spa-quality makeover at home if you use the appropriate materials and follow the instructions adequately. Incorporating a little effort into your self-care habits not only feels good but also aids in the introduction of new techniques to enhance your look. It could ultimately lead to a better, more appropriate wellness regimen.

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