Food For Thought: 7 Nutrition-Based Business Ideas

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A growing number of people are taking steps to improve their diet, which has resulted in a growing need for nutrition-based businesses. If you’ve got nutrition-based qualifications or have simply been looking to get into the industry, why not try one of these business ideas? 

Become a nutrition coach

As a nutrition coach, you get to personally guide people on how to improve their diet. This could involve doing group seminars or group sessions, or it could involve creating personalised diet plans for individual clients. You could focus on healthy eating or you could try working with clients that require unique dietary requirements due to health conditions (such as diabetes, allergies and deficiencies). Many nutrition coaches work with clients in-person, however there are also many online nutrition coaches – work out what is the most effective way to attract clients for you.

Build a meal-planning app

If you have an interest in app technology, you could consider creating your own meal-planning app. These apps have become very popular, allowing people to easily track and plan meals around their specific nutritional needs. The meal-planning app market is already very competitive, so you’ll want to do your research to see what apps are already out there. You can hire an app development company to create and maintain the app for you and then pour your energy into promoting it. 

Create your own healthy food products

You could also look into creating your own healthy food products. This could be anything from healthy microwave meals to low-calorie candy. You could even try creating food products aimed at specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free or vegan – this market is very big and is constantly expanding. 

Launch a supplement line

More people are taking supplements to help them meet their daily nutritional needs. Consider whether a supplement line could be a business worth looking into. Once you’ve designed your supplement, you can outsource a softgel manufacturer to manufacture it for you. You can then focus on promoting your supplement, which could involve selling it online and approaching retailers. 

Start a nutrition blog

A lot of people read blogs for nutritional advice. It’s possible to make money from a blog by accepting sponsored content and generating ad revenue. This requires you to first build a decent readership. Start by simply running a blog as a hobby and see if you can build it from there. A nutrition vlog could be another option.

Write a nutrition book

You could even consider selling a nutrition-themed book. This could be a recipe book or a general informational guide to a certain topic related to nutrition. Your book could solely be an e-book or you could try selling a paperback version. Consider self-publishing as a way of saving money.

Combine nutrition and fitnessMany people are looking for ways to improve both their nutrition and fitness. If you also know a thing or two about general fitness, you could appeal to these joint needs by starting a nutrition and fitness business. This could include becoming a personal trainer and nutritionist or creating an app that allows people to plan meals and workouts to meet their health goals.

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