What To Do With Unwanted Jewelry

Over time, you will likely accumulate many items that you stop finding helpful or no longer want for one reason or another. This frequently happens as our lives change, and we find ourselves on different paths than we once were.

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Sadly,this can happen with jewelry. As your tastes change or your circumstances change, you may find that your older pieces are sitting languishing in your jewelry box, no longer loved or worn. This is a shame, especially for fine jewelry. But there are many options available to you should you find you need to redistribute your unwanted jewelry.

Sell It

You can visit a pawnbroker or second-hand jeweler to see how much you can make by selling your old jewelry. You won’t get what it is worth from places like this, but you can sell the items quickly and make some money when you sell diamonds for cash along with other gems, gold or silver too.

Alternatively, you can sell it directly and make more money yourself via online reselling websites such as eBay. It might take you longer to sell, and you cannot guarantee how much you will sell the item for, if at all, but it is still a viable selling option to consider.

Remount Stones

Getting gemstones or diamonds remounted into a new piece of jewelry may be an option if you have jewelry that you don’t wear, but that contains gemstones or diamonds that you want to keep. Resetting gems will give your precious stones a new lease on life while also providing you with a new piece at a low cost!

As a bonus, any scrap metal and stones that you sell will be deducted from the price of your new piece, resulting in a savings of money over purchasing a brand-new piece. You can use this technique to upgrade an existing jewelry item or transform an inherited piece into a modern work of art.

Gift To Family Members

If you have some jewelry heirlooms that you aren’t using, you might want to consider gifting them to family members who can also get some enjoyment from them. If you aren’t using them and don’t want to see them sold, you can ask who would like to keep these items and gifts accordingly. Of course, you would need to discuss any conditions you have, but this is a great option to remove them from your possession while still keeping them in the family.


Donating your jewelry is essentially giving it away. While you are right not to want to do this with sentimental pieces or family heirlooms, less expensive items might be appreciatively received by charitable organizations. They can sell them to raise funds or to distribute them to families who might not be able to afford to purchase jewelry or even watches to assist with things such as job interviews, education, and more.

Giving your unwanted jewelry a new lease of life can help you find a new love for items or make some money from pieces you no longer want to own. Either way, it can be better than leaving them sitting unused, collecting dust in your closet.

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