Why 911 Should Be Your Top Contact After Even A Small Crash

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While we all understand the importance of contacting emergency services after a major road-based accident, many of us make the mistake of thinking we can handle scrapes, bumps, and dents without the 911 call. After all, no one’s visibly injured, and all parties likely want to put this behind them as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, as well as making the aftermath of an accident generally harder to handle, failing to engage the emergency services in what is, effectively, a crime scene can prove incredibly detrimental later on. Certainly, making sure that police and ambulance attend the scene at least briefly is essential for individuals hoping to enjoy the following benefits at a time that’s otherwise fraught with costly mistakes and emotional distress. 

Benefit 1: An accurate record

Emergency services professionals ensure that third-party, official records are taken at the scene of the accident. As well as requiring police presence to take statements, photographs and observations, medical professionals should also attend to complete thorough medical examinations that can either highlight the true severity of injuries or provide a clean bill of health. All of which is fundamental both for keeping insurance premiums from soaring and, if things go to court, providing your car accident attorney with either the fuel necessary to overturn false claims, or to equally levy your own claims with documented backing. All of which can make a huge difference for compensation, reputation, and more. 

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Benefit 2: A calming presence

While physical health is often the most pressing concern in the wake of an accident, even a small crash can also prove detrimental to our mental health, especially when experienced alone. Aside from another party who is shaken themselves, and who could also use anything that you say against you, you’re then left to deal with these emotions on the roadside for sometimes hours while waiting for vehicle recovery. This can lead to the development of severe trauma, anxiety, and more if you’re not careful. Luckily, due in part to their social standing and training, emergency services professionals can be the best people to help keep us calm, and avoid this negative mental spiral. Guidance and third-party communication will certainly help you to feel much safer, calmer, and happier overall. 

Benefit 3: Guidance on where to go next

Speaking of guidance, emergency services professionals with an extensive understanding of how crash sites work can also prove invaluable for helping you to understand where you should go/what you should do even after your vehicle has been towed. This is crucial considering that, aside from taking insurance details, seeking legal advice, etc., few of us understand what we’re required to do here. The ability for police officers to contact loved ones on your behalf, or even arrange transport/take you home themselves can certainly help to get you back to at least some semblance of normal, and within a familiar, safe environment, far quicker than you might experience otherwise. 

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Before you skip the 911 call after a road-based scrape or bump, consider these reasons to get emergency services involved after all.

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