Is Your Home Healthy?

When was the last time you really asked yourself whether you were running a healthy home? Not many people consider this as something that they should be thinking about, but a healthy home is so important if you want to ensure that you are getting the best for your body and your mind. If there are times where you slack on your cleaning (and we all do it) or there are times you really don’t have the time or energy to get stuck in, then you need to assess whether your home is as healthy as you thought it would be. 

If you’re on top of your cleaning, are you remembering to clean out your ceiling fans? Have you dusted out your HVAC and called DUCTZ to help? You have to work on ensuring that your house gives you the room to breathe that you need. That means making sure that you stay on top of the cleaning you are doing, even if only sporadically. So, with this in mind, here are signs your home isn’t as healthy as you thought.

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  • You’re not using the right cleaning products. The products that are on the shelves and popular because of certain Mrs Hinch product recommendations aren’t always the best ones that you could be using for your home. You have to know the cleaning products that you use are good for your health; after all, you’re the one breathing them in. Home is where your health begins, and that means starting with the things you clean with. The right solutions should be chemical-free and as natural as possible!
  • You have damp going on. When was the last time you checked the bathroom and laundry room vents in the house? These can clog up with dust and dirt and when this happens, you can end up with a build up of moisture in the home. The last thing that you need is a humid environment packed with mold. Do you have to make sure that you are ventilating well in spaces that have a lot of moisture in the air?
  • You didn’t use a HEPA filter. When you run your HVAC, you need to know that the air is clear. When you’re running a vacuum cleaner, you have to be sure that your air is still clean. Without a HEPA filter, the air can become polluted. You have to think about whole-house filtration and make sure that you have filters everywhere. 
  • You’re not clearing your oven vents. We are talking about ventilation for the bathrooms and laundry space, but what about ventilation from the ventilation in the kitchen? You have to consider making sure that your oven is ventilated, too, so that you don’t have smoke and burning filling the room. Oven vents need to be cleared just as much as every other vent in the home.

A healthy house is one that smells fresh and is one that you can breathe in. Make sure that you can with the tips above.

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