The Very Basics of Making a Millennial’s Home

The modern-day millennials are trapped in the middle of limbo. They are trapped under a pile of debt, yet the older generations think both so highly and so lowly of them. According to a recent study, millennials are already coming of age when it comes to spending large amounts of money. Companies are rethinking the way they market themselves. Millennials are up and coming to becomingthe biggest spendersin the market. Because they have a different worldview, old businesses reliant on traditional enthusiasm by the older generations are slowly dying out thanks to millennials.

As it stands, aside from Generation Z, Millennials have the lowest homeownership rate in the world. Aside from the lower wages, they are experiencing relative to the older generations at the same age, the impracticability of owning a home is more pronounced. You must really want to have a house for your own if you want to add real estate to your portfolio. A typical millennial nowadays would only go for a lease holding a property rather than buying it. According to studies, millennials are extremely underpaid, overworked, and not wanting to have children. They do not need a large property of their own if all they are thinking about is how to survive.

For those fortunate to buy their own home, millennials have a checklist of requirements that they need their house to be. What are the basics of millennial homeownership?


Their house must be low-maintenance. One of the most endearing qualities of millennials is that they are resourceful and thrifty. The world we live in now is hectic-no one stops to take a breath. What millennials look for in a home above all else is that it must be low-maintenance. They need it to be low maintenance for them to put their time and effort in someplace more critical. As a result, it is imperative to invest in a new or what is sometimes termed a “manufactured home,” however, it is worth noting that no home can be sufficiently protected from pests like ants and mice that can burrow their way into the home. It is important for millennials to have companies that have comprehensive services, to “kill two birds with one stone.” Companies like Pest Authority and many others work with the modern millennial in mind. A lot of millennials are working two jobs just to put food on the table. For them to maintain their house might take up too much of their precious time. A low-maintenance house is a must-have for millennial real estate hunters.

As for maintenance in general, a condominium, townhome, or a home in a neighborhood under an HOA can help. However, there are often plenty of rules, some of them quite onerous and it would be prudent to be involved with the board and even running for a board spot. To be sure of a fair HOA election, there are sites online for HOA election services in California, and other states as well.


Their house must also be unique. A lot of millennials nowadays grew up in a McMansion suburb. McMansion suburbs are houses that are pre-built and are currently guided by Homeowners’ Association design. There is not a lot of room to be unique in the suburban environment millennials lived in. Most of the houses constructed in the decades of the 2000s are pre-made and are almost identical to their neighbors’. It is no wonder that most look to a house design that is unique in their own right. Instead of having a similar plot of house and lot, millennials go for those classically eccentric and different. Front doors with classical and unique designs will attract many millennial eyes. Windows with alternative window film and net curtains are unique yet functional.


If there’s one thing millennials love, any area millennials spend a lot of time must at least be spacious. Space is a recurring theme for those who are hunting for their forever home. The same must also be true as a major design characteristic of a millennial home. A spacious home is ideal for entertaining friends and family inside. With a ton of space, anyone can do any activity with their loved ones. Millennials, as a group, love socializing.

Contrary to popular belief, not all young people are glued to their phones and their gadgets. Older generations spend too much time around that criticism to a fault. Millennials love interacting with people and sharing their lives with them.


An average millennial’s home must be convenient. Ease of access is vital for any budding millennial house hunter. Its ease of access to public transportation, for example, can spell the difference between paying the mortgage or not. The amount of money people can save by being close to every thinkable human need is important if one wants to survive. Any walking distance to any daily activity is a win for the house buyer. Convenience is a premium most millennials are willing to pay for a house. The cost you save just by being near work, for example, can not be understated. The closer you are to the center of commerce, the more premium you must pay to live in the estate.

Smart Home

Lastly, the house must be a smart home. Smart homes are all the rage for those with enough money to make it true. While extra expensive, smart homes are the pinnacle of human ingenuity in the modern ages. Smart homes reliant on modern technology that makes all areas of the house connected.

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