The Unspoken Rules for a Bathroom Remodel

Since the global pandemic, we have spent so much time at home, and it is easier to see why we have increased our focus on bathrooms. Bathroom renovation is among the top home improvement trends for 2021. Luckily, renovating the space has been made easier, thanks to DIY kits and free expert tips. It is easy to tell people that we are renovating but initiating the process is where the real challenge starts.

Planning for a Bathroom Renovation

From getting the ideas together to planning the layout, there are significant factors we must bear in mind. Here is a general guide for a successful DIY bathroom makeover.

It Starts with Inspirations

We are so lucky to be in the information age where online inspirations abound. Anytime we need to update our washrooms but are yet to decide on the perfect design, we can quickly rush to check sample projects over the internet. We may see a bunch of items we want in the space, like yankee candles or custom towels, too. Trending designs by fellow DIYers and Pinterest posts are examples of inspirational sources. Even hashtags, e.g. #bathroomrenovations on social media can be beneficial.

Affordable Alternatives

As we peruse webpages, we want to be sure that we are getting the most affordable options to renovate our bathrooms. There are many inexpensive solutions suitable for DIY projects. We need a simple installation process to avoid breaking through the wall and floors where electrical lines and plumbing systems could be linked.

Understanding Technical Terms

Many online guides for DIY bathroom renovations contain technical terms. We need to familiarize ourselves with these words so we can take the right steps. We should learn such terms as curbless shower, rain showerhead, steam shower, thermostatic shower valve, and so on. Profound knowledge of technical aspects allows us to describe situations precisely when we need extra help from a pro.

Planning the Layout

There are essential tools for laying out a bathroom design. Spreadsheets offer a great perspective of how the different elements will harmonize. Sometimes we are tempted to get a new facility we saw on TV based on the looks. But it doesn’t mean the new fixture will look great in reality. We must be flexible and make modifications as we move on. Planning a layout helps us to know what is important and what works and what doesn’t.

Defining a Timeline

Many times, we have hired professionals to do home improvement jobs. One of the most important things we ask these experts is how long it is going to take. Similarly, we need to define a timeframe within which to complete our DIY bathroom remodel. When unsure, we can check online videos and articles concerning the same tasks to have an idea of the time we need. A DIY route often takes longer than usual, so adding some wiggle room is okay to cover any unexpected delays.

Saving Untouched Materials

There is some extra material that remains after a renovation task. Others go untouched, e.g. paint and new tiles. We don’t have to toss these away because we will need them in the future. Perhaps after six months, the kitchen will need a retouch.

Everything We Need to Remodel a Bathroom

Here is the right way to tackle a bathroom remodel.

1. Prep Work

The first step is settling on a new design. We can approach a bathroom makeover in various ways. Some design elements we have to nail down are as follows.

New fixtures: whether to install a new sink, showerhead, or bathtub

Colors and theme: The new fixtures must not clash with the paint

Location of essential amenities: Accurate measurements of plumbing pipes and electrical wirings to avoid damages

Storage space: Where to keep the toiletries and towels after the remodel

2. Gathering Tools and Supplies

We need extra tools besides our home tool collection. These supplies are necessary when renovating a bathroom.


Stud finder

Utility knife



Spackle knife

Silicone sealant

Pry bar

Extension cord



Adjustable wrench

Power drill/ cordless drill

Flathead screwdriver

Safety mask

Wet-dry Shop-Vac

Caulking gun


Tape measure

A bathroom remodel is a perfect way to revamp our homes, but we need to be careful not to make mistakes with it. Before we begin, it is good to plan out the renovation process step by step. This allows us to know what we are getting into. Like any other project, we should start by creating a timeline. From the beginning, let us inform other household members that we are revamping our bathrooms. We want everyone to be on the same page and make sure they are comfortable with the ideas.

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