Easy Sports Betting Strategies Explained

Sports betting is hugely popular in countries all over the world. Moreover, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet, bettors are able to partake in this classic pastime via the web using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This enables bettors to join with fellow gambling enthusiasts from across the globe. For example, when it comes to Online Betting Thailand based bettors can gamble alongside sports fans from the USA and vice versa with ease. In the USA, sports betting enthusiasts can get Iowa sports betting bonus no matter which legal sports betting state they are in.

However, when it comes to making the most of sports betting, developing a strategy is crucial. That being said, there are so many unique betting strategies out there that choosing the right one can be tricky. Furthermore, while some betting strategies work well in combination, others are best used solo. So, let us shine a light on some of the easiest to use sports betting strategies of today.

Basic Value Betting

Mastering the art of basic value betting is a crucial step for any sports betting enthusiast. Provided that you have an understanding of the fundamental concepts of value and probability, and a generous level of sporting knowledge, you can make a start on identifying wagers that offer positive values. Comparatively, wagers that do not offer value are those that will eat away at your finances.

Put simply, in sports betting, value can be thought of as the link between the odds of a selection and the probability of that selection winning. If the probability of a selection winning is greater than implied by the probability of the odds, then a positive value exists. Correspondingly, the implied probability of odds can be calculated using simple formulas and odds conversion tools. Sports betting does not need to be difficult to understand and while calculating exact probabilities is impossible, bettors can use sporting knowledge to assess the likelihood of possible outcomes and create estimations of probabilities.

Arbitrage Betting

This powerful strategy is a smart way to bolster your profits. Essentially, by exploiting natural pricing discrepancies in the betting markets, it is possible to benefit from risk-free wagers. Consequently, when two or more bookmakers or online sportsbooks offer different odds and  lines on the same outcomes, it is time to employ the arbitrage betting strategy.

Arbitrage sports betting takes place when bets on all outcomes for an event are placed at odds that guarantee a profit, regardless of what the final result will be. Rather than gambling which carries higher risks, sports arbitrage betting is more of a low-risk and medium-yield investment opportunity. Chances to take advantage of this strategy are not always obvious and so in order to use this strategy effectively, taking your time to understand the underlying concepts is vital.

Winning or Losing Streaks Betting

Some sports betting strategies are based purely on momentum, and streaks betting is no different in this respect. By identifying teams and players that are on lengthy winning streaks, it is possible to place bets that can turn out to be incredibly profitable. Backing a winning team is almost always an informed way to bet. In theory, teams and players that are on good form and have momentum are usually more likely to succeed.

On the other hand, by identifying teams and players that are on lengthy losing streaks, it is possible to back their opponents to win, with the expectation being that a losing streak will continue. Unfortunately, winning and losing streaks can come to an end unexpectedly, so while betting on streaks can be profitable, it is important to be cautious and assess each situation individually. It is for this reason, that streaks betting is often combined with other sports betting strategies like basic value betting.

Ultimately, it can be incredibly tempting to think that the most complex strategies are best when betting on sports. While advanced strategies certainly have their merits, consistently using simpler strategies to make small profits can help to take your winnings to the next level. Above all, although no sports strategy is going to work all of the time, if you are still learning and developing your betting skills, then focussing on some of the strategies mentioned can help you to make more effective choices.

Which sports betting strategies do you use most?

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