7 Maintenance Tips for an Inexperienced Car Owner

Poor car maintenance can lead to significant issues with your vehicle. These problems can be very expensive to fix, and you can be left without a car for several days. Or worse, an undiagnosed fault could contribute to an accident while you are driving. While it’s not beneficial to be thinking about worse case scenarios, you should be conscious about car maintenance.

As an inexperienced car owner, you may not have an interest or knowledge of how cars work. The very thought of lifting the hood can be overwhelming; never mind actually working on the car. While this is normal, you should prioritize getting up to speed on basic car maintenance. 

If you have any concerns over the welfare of your vehicle, such as thinking you need diesel repair in Sacramento (or wherever you are based), make sure to take it to a mechanic like Smog Mart. However, there are actions you can take to do your part in looking after your vehicle.

Here are seven basic tips for maintaining your car, even if you’re inexperienced.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels.

  1. Read the owner’s manual

An astonishing number of owners don’t read the manufacturing manual for their car. The owner’s manual contains important information that relates specifically to your vehicle. While some of the information revolves around mechanics, there is also a guide for maintenance. You should consult this manual should your car need any replacements.

  1. Maintain tire condition

One of the first signs of a poorly maintained vehicle is defective tires. Driving with unworthy road tires is very dangerous. You are at high risk of a blowout or a skid.

Follow the guidelines on tread depth and air pressure. Regularly check for cracks, punctures, or any damage to your tire. 

  1. Monitor fluid levels

Your car stores various types of fluids in the engine for different purposes. They act as coolants and lubricants and are essential for maintaining a healthy engine. Consult your owner’s manual and check whether these fluids need topping up. 

The main fluids to look after are oil, transmission, steering, brake, and washer fluid.

  1. Battery health

Some batteries can be very problematic. Weather impacts its condition, and it can easily lose function. 

Low maintenance options such as ACDelco batteries are ideal for all car owners. They are high performing, and you have peace of mind because of the lack of maintenance. 

  1. Cover your windshield in winter

Ice and snow can cause damage to your windshield. They can also impair your vision, making winter road conditions even more dangerous. 

A great way to counteract this issue is to invest in a windshield cover. Using this nightly will help protect your windshield from cold conditions.

  1. Service your car regularly

Regularly servicing helps keep your car in good condition and running smoothly. This will maximize the value of your vehicle and lower the risk of having car troubles. 

  1. Keep your car clean

A dirty car provides a health hazard for you and other drivers. A grime-covered windshield is difficult to see out of, meaning you are at risk of driving while visually impaired. Heavy layers of dirt covering your car lights can make them far more difficult for other drivers to see. 

A build-up of dirt inside or outside of your car can cause permanent damage, devaluing your vehicle.

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