A Passive Effort: Ways To Make Extra Money Without Trying

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It seems that everybody is looking for work nowadays and while people could always do with a bit of extra cash it seems that we really have to work hard to get something sorted on the side. People inevitably set up things like side hustles but making money on the side is usually something that requires a lot of effort. And as nice as it is to think that we could make money without even trying there are a few things that we can take advantage of. What are these?


If you have a significant following online you may very well be aware of influencer marketing where companies send you items to review. After a while, whether you’ve got an online following on social media or a blog, companies can approach you to put links into your posts that go to their products, also known as affiliate marketing. But there are other things that you can do in the real world. A very good example would be to use your car as promotional material. There are vehicle wraps that go around the vehicle for specific products meaning that all you need to do is drive around and you will get paid for it.

Signing Up For Focus Groups

If you set up a profile with a marketing company they can contact you with specific focus group offers that suit your interests. Focus groups are all about sitting in a room and talking about things that you like or don’t like. But sometimes you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Focus groups tend to pay in cash and right away so you don’t have to wait for your bonus!

Sell Your Stuff

Yes, it’s obvious but have you had a look at the junk you have accumulated over the years recently? If you are considering a minimalist lifestyle or there’s a lot of clothes that you don’t use anymore put them online and make a decent chunk of money. It’s one of the last options for most people, especially when they are desperate, but if you’ve got things like old smartphones hanging around and clothes that you haven’t worn for the last 12 months it’s time to take the plunge and get rid of them.

Can You Get Paid To Work Out?

There are apps like Gympact that give you money when you hit your workout goals. You may wonder how this is actually subsidized, but it’s paid for by the people that are unable to stick to their own goals! It’s a perfect way to keep you motivated and if you can get paid to get fit, why don’t you take advantage of this?

While making money without trying can seem like an over-exaggeration, there are things that you can do to earn money while living your life. Because if you are someone who likes to shop or idly scrolls through social media, there are credit card offers that give you cash back, as well as survey websites. Everybody needs to make extra money now so why don’t we find the options where we don’t need to try?

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