How To Profit From A Blog

Running a blog has become a popular activity for many people to do because the online world has become a hive of activity across the globe. Pretty much anyone who has access to a computer or phone will go on the internet, so having a blog can be financially beneficial. All you need is a website and the determination to work hard. Here’s how to profit from a blog!

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Get On PR Databases

As a rule of thumb, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities. You shouldn’t expect collaborations to just land in your inbox, so it’s going to take some effort on your part. PR companies and marketing businesses often work with bloggers or influencers for their clients. So try to sign up or drop an email to as many as you can with a media kit or a bit of information about your blog, and it’s social statistics. Most will have a database and keep your details on file, and hopefully, you’ll end up getting a collaboration or two coming through on a weekly basis. There are hundreds and thousands of these companies out there across the globe, so try to outreach and pitch to new ones at the start of every month. And as you start collaborating, hold onto those emails and reach out each month to ask for any new campaigns to get involved with.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a great way of making money, especially when your blog starts to get thousands of views a week or per day. If they’re actively clicking on links that you put in a post or buying products, companies will want to work with you. When you want to learn affiliate marketing, it’s best to do some research online and perhaps get in touch with bloggers that you know are making a profit already through this scheme. Affiliate marketing works by offering the blogger or influencer, an amount of money for referring to the person via the link they track through your website, or when they buy the company’s product.

Reach Out To Companies Directly

Companies don’t always work with PR or marketing for blogging, but they may have an interest in working with bloggers. It’s always a good idea to actively reach out to companies that you’re interested in and create a personalized pitch that might help you to get some paid work or gifted products and services. Make sure you’re reaching out the marketing department within the company and tailoring each email to that brand, otherwise it could end up being ignored or dumped in the bin.

Sell Your Online Space With Advertising

Online advertising space is a great way to make money when you’ve got a popular website. These small spaces could end up being goldmines for companies, so why not advertise some of the spaces that you have with companies you know your readers enjoy. Whether this is through affiliate marketing or asking them to pay you.

Profiting from a blog can be satisfying when you’ve put in all the work, so keep going and don’t give up.

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