Reasons Your Mental Health Isn’t Improving

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Mental health is currently an epidemic that is causing a generation of teens and adults a lot of trouble. Thankfully, the stigma surrounding it has eased recently, and now people are more willing to discuss their issues without the fear of their friends and family avoiding them. 

However, coping with mental health is not done when you acknowledge you are struggling; it is only the beginning. It might be that you are currently undergoing treatment for depression, anxiety, or stress but are not seeing the results you hoped. It could be the treatment is not right for you, but there are other reasons your mental health is not improving. 

You Aren’t Taking Advice On Board

You can attend all the therapy sessions you like and talk to professionals until you run out of things to talk about, but if you neglect to take on their advice for improving your mental health, then you will not see the improvements you hope for. 

Taking this advice on board is crucial to helping you recover, even if it doesn’t work. Regardless of its success, you’ll be able to find a treatment that does work, which could allow you to feel better sooner. 

You Are Holding Onto Existing Crutches

Part of recognizing mental health issues is discovering what crutches and habits are causing the problem. These issues could be a variety of things, including pornography addiction, smoking, or a harmful social media habit. 

It’s difficult to remove these habits from your everyday routine, but if they are proven to have a negative impact, then distancing yourself from them is one of the first steps towards improvement. There might be times where you falter, but this is just part of the process, so keep on trying until it sticks. 

You Aren’t Treating Your Body Well Enough

Whether it’s diet, exercise, or sleep, a healthy mind is made better by a healthy body. It’s understandable not to have the motivation to go to the gym, cook healthy meals, or get to sleep at a reasonable time when your mental health is affecting you, but you need to try. 

To overcome this, try setting up routines that ease you into better habits instead of throwing yourself into unsustainable expectations. Start small and allow your routine to grow from there, and soon you will manage to take better care of your body. 

You Aren’t Getting Out There

Isolating yourself from friends and family often seems like the best way to cope with issues, especially if you feel you don’t want to burden them with your problems. However, keeping yourself away from others who care about you means you are often trapped with your own thoughts, which can have adverse effects on how you feel. 

Fixing to Change

You cannot expect to get better unless you dedicate yourself to making changes to your life that will benefit you. It is not enough to seek therapy or take medication; there needs to be a conscious effort from you to tackle your problems. Consider these reasons why your mental health isn’t improving, and see if making changes related to these has a positive effect on how you feel.

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