5 Reasons You Could Lose Your Job

No one ever wants to think about losing their job. It’s just one of those things that’s hard to discuss because there is still shame that surrounds not being able to keep a job. Even if you work really hard, there are still circumstances that could cost you your career, and even if you show up every day on time and enthusiastic, there could still be things that you’re doing that could see you enjoying a pink slip at the end of a day.

It just hurts. If you’re in a position where you are worried about your job, it’s worth having a chat to your HR department about it before it becomes a problem. There are some circumstances where you can’t help but lose your job on your own terms, especially if you end up injured in your way to work, don’t show up and spend time trying to work out what to do when you’re in a car accident and you need time off. Your employer has to give you some wiggle room, but it doesn’t mean that they have to keep you on if you need extended leave. However, other than circumstances where you have no choice but to leave, there are times you could be working hard and still lose your job. Here they are:

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  • You were working on the wrong things.


Believe it or not, you could be spending your week and your overtime plugging away and still find that you are let go – because you worked hard on all the wrong things. If you’re not fulfilling your job duties, then you’re not going to be kept on.


  • You’re bored – and it shows.


There’s every chance that working on your job role isn’t fulfilling for you, and if you find that you’re not staying focused on your role because it’s just not challenging for you, then there’s a chance that you are going to show that to others.


  • You’ve got no allies.


In a business, you need friends. Getting alone with your colleagues is a must and if you’re not willing to do that, you’re going to struggle with being kept on. Companies have a culture, and if you’re not part of that culture you’re not going to survive in the company.


  • You’re overworked and making mistakes


There is such a thing as overworking, you know. All that overtime and those long hours? Not always a good thing. Take the time to slow down a little and make sure that you’re making time for yourself while you work, because overwork leads to sloppiness, which leads to making mistakes that you don’t intend to make.


  • You’re never there.


Earlier, we mentioned an injury that could put you out of action. Not being able to attend the office regularly can make your employer let you go because they need someone else to fill the gap you’re leaving. Some employers won’t allow for remote work, and while you can’t be fired for recovering, you can if they need the spot.

There are about a hundred more reasons for being fired, but it’s worth avoiding all of them!

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Development Outsourcing Metrics

Outsourcing is no longer a new concept. Lots of companies are electing to use service providers to supply certain tasks as opposed to handling them in-house. When done correctly, outsourcing can be extremely efficient and profitable. Yet, one thing that needs to be considered prior to the process of outsourcing is the development of metrics. These are essentially guidelines that are developed in order to make certain that the service provider’s deliverables meet the expectations of the customers or end users. Keeping that in mind, in this post we will take a look at the main considerations in development outsourcing metrics, so keep on reading to discover what they are…


First and foremost we have people metrics. This relates to the individuals who work at the company you are considering outsourcing a portion of your work to. You should develop a set list of skills and qualifications you expect from the employees of the service provider. This will help to ensure that they possess the necessary skills and experience you require. Measuring performance is another metric that should be considered when it comes to developing the necessary guidelines for the employees.

Aside from this, two other important metric areas are cost and responsiveness. Let’s deal with the former first. Cost metrics are imperative to ensure you do not receive any nasty surprises when the company invoices you for the work they have provided. It’s vital to establish a cost per function point for both maintenance, like outsourced IT support, and enhancements. Aside from this, responsiveness is another critical metric. Businesses that do not establish this metric prior to outsourcing often live to regret it, as communication proves to be inefficient. You should establish commitment timeframes for project estimates, enhancements, call backs, ad hoc requests and the closing of production application defects.

We have already discussed the people metrics that are needed to ensure a quality service, yet you should also consider technology and process metrics in order to achieve this as well. After all, no matter how skilled the workforce may be, if they do not have the right tools and systems for the service you require they are not going to be able to complete it effectively. Putting in place guidelines in regards to processes and technology will help to ensure that you are happy with the service you receive. You may also wish to implement a customer satisfaction survey as part of a customer satisfaction metric at a certain phase of the outsourcing process to ensure that the service provider is actually meeting the goals of your end users.

All in all, this post has presented some of the fundamental development outsourcing metrics you definitely need to consider when you begin the process of looking for the best service provider for your needs specifically. This should give you a basic guideline regarding the approach you should take to measuring providers and ensuring they supply the standard of service you require. You may need to add additional metrics in regards to your company and/or the part of your business you are outsourcing.

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Online Marketing Strategies For Those On A Budget

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When it comes to growing your business online, marketing is right at the heart of everything you do, but it can be extremely overwhelming when you go online and see the big gurus and entrepreneurs with the flashy marketing and telling you that you need to have this strategy or this system otherwise you’ll definitely fail.

Not only is it untrue that there’s just one marketing strategy, tool or system that will work for you, but it’s also not necessary for your marketing to be flashy or cost a lot of money. Although it’s always great to be able to invest at higher levels and make your marketing look more professional and polished, but this is not necessary for success, and is only something you should do if it makes practical and financial sense for your business.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the top online marketing strategies that you can try out to see which ones are best suited to you, and the great thing about these strategies is that they’re simple enough that anyone can use them, and they really work well no matter what your marketing or start up budget is.


If you have any kind of online business – even if you have an offline business, you should be using the power of blogging to share great content with your audience. If you’ve never blogged before, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the process, but really the best thing to do is come up with a list of topics that you think your audience would be interested in learning about and then creating some posts in advance around that, once you’ve created some posts in advance so you can schedule them out and remain consistent, since consistency is what contributes to growth.


Creating a podcast show is another great way to reach an audience of people who may be interested in your products and services, and the great thing is you don’t need to come up with new and separate content each time. You can repurpose the blog content or take snippets of each post and then expand on it. Don’t worry about repeating yourself because not everyone consumes content in the same format – some people prefer blogs or videos, whilst others prefer podcasts.


Webinars are a fantastic marketing strategy when done right. They have gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent years because some people have been using them in a very sleazy way and only looking to make sales without delivering any real value. However, if you have a high value product or service such as coaching, copywriting, or even IT Support Services, then you could create a webinar that provides great value around one of these and then pitch your services at the end.

Social Media:

Social media is not about making sales, but building connections and relationships. If you’re able to do this with your audience, then the sales will come, so make sure you’re utilizing the power of social media for marketing your business online.

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Explore The Costs Of Car Ownership

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Owning a car gives you a sense of freedom like few other things in your life. The ability to jump in your vehicle and hit the road is something that every driver should never take for granted. But, unfortunately there comes a price with having that freedom and these must be considered before taking the plunge into purchasing your car. So here are some of the other costs that come with owning a car.


There is one expenditure that stands out above all others and that is the price of gas. Your car needs it in order to operate, but whether you’re a petrol or diesel user the cost of fuel is never going to be too far from your mind. If you are concerned about the amount you are spending on your gas, then you might want to look at websites like Fuel Economy that will calculate how much you are spending on miles per gallon. The current national average for gas prices is $2.250 but can be almost a dollar more than that in different parts of the country.


Cars take a lot of work to maintain, it could be a breakdown while driving or just general day to day maintenance that you need to undertake. Unlike in other countries like the UK, there is not a yearly car inspection required for your car so long as it can drive above 55 mph and has working lights. However, depending on your state you might need to pass regular emission tests.

Keeping your car in full working order is important and you can do that by taking good care of it yourself in an attempt to avoid paying the average of over $500 on auto-repairs. Some things that you can do include keep your car clean to avoid damaging the body or allowing dirt to cause erosion, make sure you are replacing the car’s liquids regularly and inspect your tires before any significant journey.

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Car Fees

Just owning a car that sits on the driveway still costs you money. You should make sure you are aware of the costs involved in insuring your vehicle and registering it for road use. These costs are usually annual expenditures so can be worked into your household budget relatively easily. With the insurance aspect, make sure you are shopping around and using comparison websites to get the best deal available to you.

Other Costs

Finally, there are all sorts of other costs that can arise when you own a car. One example is a fine for speeding or other misdemeanors. However, don’t just accept these fines, especially if you are not convinced by the accusation. Websites like TicketBust can help you handle any claims against your driving with regards to a ticket you have received.

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Failed Your New Year’s Resolutions Already? Here’s Why

Sorry to break it to you if you’ve made some great new year’s resolutions recently, but the majority of resolutions actually fail come February – around 80%, in fact. This shouldn’t put you off making goals that could help you to improve your life. After all, everybody should aim to get better in one way or another, whether that’s managing money better, getting more sleep, reading more books, or doing something else that’s beneficial and meaningful. Making changes like this to your life can mean you enjoy life more and find your life more fulfilling.

However, failing your resolutions can be disheartening, and can send you off on a downward spiral. Some people have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, and this means that failing a new year’s resolution can put them even further back then when they first began their quest to improve.

Perhaps you have an all or nothing mentality and you really need to cut yourself some slack. You don’t have to be perfect to reach your goals, or have absolutely everything laid out – you just need to keep moving forward, remember your ‘why’, and find other ways to be better than you were yesterday.

Below, we’ll discuss a few more reasons why you may be failing when it comes to improving aspects of your life, and you’ll find some ideas to help you overcome them, too.


You Haven’t Managed Your Time Properly

Proper time management is absolutely key, whatever it is you want to achieve. You need to make sure that you are prioritizing your most important tasks, and getting them done before anything else so that they aren’t bogging you down all day. For example, if your resolutions are to stay physically and mentally fit, why not meditate and workout before the rest of your day begins? Then you’re already off to a winning start!

You Haven’t Found The Right Help

You won’t always be able to do things alone. In fact, it’s a good idea to get some help from time to time. Perhaps you’d benefit from speaking to a career counselor if you want a new job, or a financial advisor if you want to finally get your finances in order. You might even benefit from an expungement attorney if you want to make sure that your past mistakes aren’t impacting your future opportunities. Do your research – a mentor could even be a great idea for you.

You’re Not Looking At This In The Long Term

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you need to come up with a plan that’s sustainable. Don’t be afraid to take it slow at first.

You’re Overthinking Things

Sometimes you need to stop thinking and just start doing. Just take one baby step in the right direction. All success is, is a series of baby steps!

You Don’t Have A Strong Enough ‘Why’

A strong ‘why’ will keep you going when things get tough. Write yours down and put them somewhere you can see them.

You’re Not Tracking Your Results

Tracking your results can help you to see how far you’ve come and help you to stay motivated. You could keep a journal to monitor your progress, for example.

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Making Sure Modern Customers Eat Up Your Restaurant Business

In modern business, every industry faces obstacles. Retailers have been struggling since the internet came along. Even real estate agents are feeling the sting of our changing habits. One industry which hasn’t changed all that much, though, is that of hospitality. It seems that we still appreciate a good restaurant. This remains the case, even though many of us have less spare cash to play with.

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As such, you may think a restaurant is a sound choice for a new business venture. And, you wouldn’t be wrong. Of all your options right now, this certainly seems to be experiencing change at the slowest rate. That said, it would be naive to think that you’re guaranteed success. While changes here are minimal, they’re still happening. And, if you want any chance, you need to keep on top. If you are toying with this, then, it’s essential you consider including the following in your business plan.

Take out services

Not all that long ago, a select handful of restaurants offered takeout services. Now, this is a staple if you want to stay ahead of the game. Delivery apps like Deliveroo and Just Eat mean customers expect takeout from any restaurant. By offering a private service for this from day one, you’re sure to impress. Even better, this needn’t cost you a fortune. One or two delivery drivers are all it takes. By asking them to provide their vehicles, you can cut costs here even further. Just like that, you can ensure you’re appealing to modern consumers who have no time to spare. Even better, you could be one of the only restaurants in town who offer this without a middle-company.

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See your food in stores

Since Nandos released their Piri-Piri sauce in supermarkets, restaurants have been expanding their sales horizons. Selling pricey meals of an evening is all well and good, but it may not sustain you. There will be quiet nights, after all, and no guarantee of income. That’s why you should work to sell signature foods to local food stores. By investing in resealable plastic bags, custom-designed with your logo, you can more than double your earnings. This is also a sure way to see you making money during those quiet weeknights. Get this right, and it could even see more customers coming into your restaurant itself.

Take it online

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To some extent, restaurants remain mostly untouched by the online revolution. A computer can’t eat your food for you, after all. But, you may still find that taking some things online helps you. For one, it can pay to accept bookings and take out orders through your website. This ease of use is sure to go down well with customers and could see your popularity soar. It’s also worth making use of visual mediums like Instagram to build an audience. By taking staged photographs of your best dishes, you ensure no one will be able to resist a trip to your restaurant. And, isn’t that what any business owner wants?

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Wisdom is Knowing the Right Path to Take in Life. Integrity is Taking it

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The start of the new year is a chance to reflect, to look at the goals we set last year, and decide what we’d like to achieve in the coming months. It’s a fresh start, an opportunity to check in and make sure we’re on a path that’s taking us towards where we want to be. Instead of setting superficial resolutions this year that will be forgotten about by February, why not delve a little deeper? Changes like these could massively improve your life for the better.

Move somewhere new

The place where we live affects our lives in a big way. From the property itself, the space we have and the way it’s decorated- to the general area and overall location. If your home is cramped and small you might find yourself getting stressed and running out of space. If it’s in a busy city, you might be tired of the noise and pollution. If the area has gone downhill since you moved in, you might be worried about crime and other social issues. Don’t feel like you’re stuck in the place you have, it’s so worth doing some research and finding what else is out there. Property sites like William Pitt have home valuation tools so you can see what yours is worth at the click of a button, and from there can see what else you can afford. Moving can mean a fresh start, and a chance to start living life the way that you want.

Consider a change of career

Most of us spend around forty hours a week at work, and so if you’re unhappy in your job, you’re more than likely going to be unhappy in the rest of your life too. While a change of career is a huge deal, it could well end up being one of the best things you’ve ever done. You could go back to university and study for the qualification you need, or do it part-time from home. Otherwise, you could look into alternate ways of changing career, such as starting at the bottom and working your way up. While you’ll experience a drop in money to begin with, it could lead to far better prospects later down the line, and a job you’re much happier in.

Make an effort to meet new people

It’s so easy to fall into a rut in adulthood. We spend most of our days working, and spend time with the same few people. We rarely push outside our comfort zone and try new things where we’re exposed to new individuals. It’s easy to think that we don’t need more friends, but meeting others adds depth and interest to life like nothing else. You might not like everyone you meet, but everyone brings with them lessons. They can teach you a new perspective, or even reflect something of yourself back at you which motivates you to change. They can introduce you to new things that you simply would never have done on your own. If you’re single, why not sign up to a dating app and go on some dates? Join a meetup website and meet with others with the same interests as you. Reconnect with old friends on Facebook, and say yes to more social invitations. You wont regret it!

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