What Is That Sweet Music? Oh! It’s A Tuned-Up Car

If you’re a car enthusiast, you’re continually looking for new ways to tune your vehicle. You love how it came stock, but tuning it makes it even more exciting, allowing you to get the best value for money possible from your initial purchase.

Tuning a car though can be fraught with difficulties. Here are some tips to make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

Focus On The Tyres First

If you want to get extra performance from your car, then the first place to look is the tires. Not only are tires easy to change, but because they are the only part of the vehicle in contact with the road beneath, upgrading them can make a big difference overall to performance.


Generally, the softer the tire, the more grip you will have. Accelerating on a softer tire decreases the likelihood of the tire spinning while under heavy torque, meaning that you can pull away from the lights quicker or get an edge on your competitors when out on the track. Softer, lower profile compounds also benefit you as you take corners. The extra grip provides more lateral acceleration.

So, if you’re thinking about tuning your car, consider the tires first. They’re easy to change (usually in a matter of minutes at the right tire fitting garage) and can make a significant difference to how the car handles.

Engine Tuning



Car manufacturers usually tune their cars for general, everyday use on the roads. Factory tunes are often conservative, meaning that vehicles do not always live up to their full performance potential. If you’re more interested in performance than you are comfort or fuel economy, then an SCT tuner might be what you need. These tuners help to increase the horsepower of your vehicle by changing the computer-management settings. Pre-loaded with instructions, it’s often as easy as plugging the USB into a port on your car and uploading the data – no complicated programming required.

Once your engine management software has been updated, you can expect vast improvements in things like horsepower and acceleration.

Chassis Upgrades


If you’re looking for a bit of extra stability in the corners, then you may benefit from additional downforce. Spoilers and other aerodynamic accessories work like wings in reverse, using the air passing over them to push the car down into the ground. Engineers realized a long time ago that this phenomenon could be used to help give cars more grip during fast corners, improving lap times.

Weight Balance

The other way that you can upgrade the chassis is to provide weight balance. Weight balance works by helping you to control the way the frame moves as it turns through corners. Car bodies tend to bob and squat down through corners, changing the handling and reducing performance. If you’re racing on a particular course, you can change the weight bias of the chassis to privilege turns in one specific direction, that is, left or right.

Will be you upgrading or tuning your car any time soon?

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