Pre-Flight Checks: Is Your Dog Ready For The Sky?

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When you decide to go on a vacation or trip with your dog, you’re making a very big choice. Opening the doors to loads of work which you may have never done before, this sort of undertaking isn’t as simple as jumping on a plane by yourself and heading around the world. Instead, when you take an animal on a flight, you have to be willing to do some pre-flight checks. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the different things to cover before you head to the airport, along with some of the help you can get to make this process a lot easier.

What They Will Need: Before you can set off, your dog is going to need some credentials, just like you. Strangely, the rules for travelling animals are much stricter than they are for humans. All of the paperwork you bring with you has to be accurate and within date, or you could risk having to leave your furry friend behind. This will be particularly bad in other countries, where you could be forced to leave your dog behind in quarantine if you don’t have the right documents.


  • Passport/Visas: Like humans, it’s important for flight companies to keep a solid record of the animals which fly on their planes. To achieve this goal, passports are used, and you will need to talk to the vet about getting one for your pooch. Along with this, you may also need proof of permission from the country you’re visiting if you want to be able to have your dog board on the plane.



  • Vaccines: When diseases are moved around the world, the afflicted in their new home will often have to deal with something much worse than what you arte used to. This is thanks to immunity, or, in this case, a lack of it. To solve this issue, countries are very strict about vaccines, and will expect your dog to be up to date with them before you travel. The vet will always give you proof of this work being completed.



  • Other Health Considerations: There are plenty of other health issues impacting dogs which could make it hard for your furry friend to travel. If the employees in the airport spot fleas on your dog, for example, they may give you a hard time about flying. Companies like Pet-Lock can help you out with this, offering easy treatments which will last for a long time. Of course, though, you will need to spot the fleas first.


What You Should Look For: Once you have all of the important essentials covered, you can start to think about the issues you might face thanks to your dog’s individual traits. There are loads of different personalities out there, and a lot of dogs will be very different from one another. Below, you can find some examples of the areas you will need to consider the most.


  • Fear: Thanks to their level of intelligence, your dog won’t be able to understand why they are flying, but will know enough to be worried when they find themselves in a cage. For some, this will cause intense fear, and could impact your dog for weeks to come. For others, though, there won’t be any issues, making the flight nice and easy. Using your experience of things like car travel with your dog, you will be able to get a good idea of the reaction they might have.



  • Risk: Along with the way it might make your dog feel, it’s also a good idea to think about the risks you could be putting them under. For an older dog, the fear they feel could simply be too much, and they could get very sick during their flight. Of course, a lot of dogs fly without any issues at all. To make sure that you’re making the right decision here, it will be worth talking to the vet to see what they think.



  • The End Reward: Finally, as the last consideration to make, it will be worth thinking about what your dog may get from a vacation. They might not enjoy the sun very much, and won’t be able to get anything from visiting monuments or attractions. Instead, they will simply be along for the ride, spending more time with you than usual. This might not be worth the stress it will take to get them there. Of course, though, this will be completely down to you, and your dog may love their time abroad.


Keeping The Process Smooth: Working through a process like this is always challenging when you’re doing it for the first time. While this is the case, though, it doesn’t mean that it can’t go smoothly. There are loads of people out there to help you with this sort of work, and you can find their services across the web. Below, there are a couple of examples of the sort of people out there and willing to support you through a doggy flight.

In most cases, the hardest part of this job will be organizing all of the little factors which need to be covered. There will be a lot on your plate, and you will already be busy with vacation planning. To make this easier, taking all of the work off of your shoulders is one of the best ways to handle it. Your travel agent will be able to do a lot of this for you. Along with this, though, it could also be worth getting the help of your vet, as they will understand the important aspects of this process better than anyone else.

Hopefully, this post will leave you feeling inspired to look into the idea of going on holiday with your dog. Over the years, this sort of job has become a lot easier, with new services popping up everywhere which are designed to help you with it. Of course, along with this, the experience has improved for dogs, too, and this makes a real difference for a lot of owners.

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