Window Deflectors are more than Cool for your Car

About a year and a half ago, I had window deflectors installed on my car. Here’s what the one on my driver’s side looks like.

Close up of window deflector. 5/26/2014

Driver’s side window deflector. 


Some people think the window deflectors make the car look cool. Others may disagree. I think they do add to my car’s looks to an extent, but they do add a lot more functionality than one might think at first.

First of all, the deflector’s main function is to prevent people in the car from being buffeted by air when the window is lowered. Yet, if more air is wanted, the opposite window can be opened which will draw in more air regardless, so the deflectors don’t block air completely. But, the deflectors do more than that.

When it is raining, especially if it is also not too cold, the car can get stuffy, and, if you don’t want to use the defroster, you can now open the window just enough for some air to come in but yet still “under” the overhanging deflector, so no rain comes in. And I can attest to the fact that this really works!. The deflectors really do their main job.

But here’s what they also can do:

  1. They can allow you to leave the windows open just slightly on a hot summer day and no one will see that they are not fully closed. This allows you to keep your car somewhat cooler without drawing unwanted attention.

  2. They can act as a sunscreen while still allowing you to see, when facing in a certain way when the sun is lower. Of course, this is dependent on your direction of travel and time of day, but it has helped me at times, providing some measure of glare prevention.

Now, if your car is one of those where the doors don’t have window frames, I believe you can still have deflectors installed. Check with an auto detailer or an auto parts dealer to make sure.

Price? Probably between $50 and $100 including installation, more or less.

So, window deflectors for your car are more than just show.

Happy motoring!

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