Scariest Halloween Costume?

What would be the scariest Halloween costume? Well, we’ve probably seen them all, except possibly one. So, is the scariest a vampire? Skeleton? Witch? Dragon? Demon? Or some other character of fear?

Well, how about this? Politician!

Politician? Yes. And possibly the only costume we haven’t really seen, other than famous past politicians who were not really politicians but true leaders, like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.

So, just how scary is a politician? Well, for starters, they do nothing. Well, actually, that isn’t completely true.

They do everything you don’t want and nothing you do want, despite what they tell you at election time.

They take money out of your pocket and the only ideas they ever have are those that will take even more money out of your pocket.

They often screw up that which is working well and should be left alone.

They often never get to those problems you want addressed and in the rare instances when they do, they take forever to do it!

And their solution often either makes the problem worse or gives you a new one that’s worse than the one that was solved.

Then, there’s election time. When they have their staffs, which you pay for, bombard you with ads and phone calls, and emails, and probably texts, too, often starting 6 months before the election. Some people get 10 or more calls daily at all hours! I’ve heard of no businesses or even any debt collection agencies that bombard anyone like this, and if they do, they eventually get into trouble!

But the scariest thing about politicians? THEY’RE REAL!

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

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