Hate to Cook After a Long Day? Try This!

You’ve had a long day at work and now you have to cook dinner and you’re tired. And you don’t want to go out, either. So, what to do?

Maybe try a meal delivery service! I worked for one for a short time last year, delivering meals directly to people’s homes along a route.

Yes, these services do exist, offering different plans for different needs. The company I worked for featured fully cooked dinners. No drinks are included and people sign up and can choose which days they want meals delivered, and can also have special consideration for food allergies and dislikes. The company also provided insulated bags on request. It provided a good service. Other companies will provide drinks or other variations of service.

Of course, there is a charge, and most companies have customers create accounts. And it may not be for everyone, either. But I can see how it can benefit those who have long workdays or just plain hate to cook.

Some may think this is only for senior citizens, but my clients included all types of people, young, old, families, single, and other multiple living arrangements.

So, if you don’t like to cook, or just don’t have the time, you may want to check out a meal delivery service. Bon Appetit!

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And thanks for reading!  🙂

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