Why I Like Lists, oh, and Go Check Out My Page of Lists!

Hi everyone! I’ve added a new page to this site, called,Page of Lists”. Currently, it has one list right now,  Books and writings every American should read and why. I will be adding more lists in the future for different things, such as the 10 best, 3 highest, etc. And, I invite you to let me know if you have any ideas for lists, and they can be included, so long as they’re clean.

Many of these lists are informational and based more on what I’ve heard and read and on my opinions, but hopefully, they can be informative and entertaining, also.

I first got hooked on lists when I read “The Book of Lists” by David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace, and Irving Wallace in 1977. It was very informational, without being overly wordy or involved, providing information in an easy to absorb format. I’ve since read the subsequent books that they’ve put out, as well as a few others from different authors covering different subjects.

So, I hope you check out my new page, the Page of Lists, from time to time. There’s only one list there as of the writing of this post, but there will be more.

If you like what you’ve read here on this post, blog, and site, please let others know.

And thanks for reading! 🙂

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