What Does “LOL” Mean?, or How Do I Decipher Internet Slang?

If you do any web browsing or texting at all, you’ve seen it. Internet slang, which is often made up of abbreviations and symbols. You often see them in e-mails, texts, and comments on internet articles and stories. While I have come to understand some of the more common internet slang, there is still much of it I don’t understand.

I do now know what “LOL”, perhaps one of the most common slang terms, means. (Laugh Out Loud). But it took me a long time to figure it out. For nearly a decade in which I was using e-mail, I would wonder what “LOL” at the end of an e-mail or comment meant!

Many internet slang terms were not understandable to me for a long time. In addition to “LOL”, there was “LMAO”, “LMFAO”, POTUS, BTW, and others.

Symbols such as the colon and parentheses, with a dash or other symbol, are often used to make emoticons, faces showing the “emotion” behind a comment, and tend to be more understandable.

Here are some internet slang terms whose meanings I now know:

LOL means “Laughing out loud”.

LMAO means “Laughing my ‘A’ off”.

POTUS means “President of the United States”.

And BTW means “By the way”.

I certainly understand where and why internet slang has come about. With all of the typing we now do, due to our ever-growing use of computers and phones with keyboards built-in, it is often easier and faster to use symbols and abbreviations than fully spelled out words, especially for those of us with no formal training in typing.

And some programs and websites even lend themselves to understanding and translating some forms of slang! You may have noticed that I have a smiley face symbol after each of my posts. What happens is, I use the colon and right parenthesis to form a smiling face. WordPress then automatically reads it and converts it to an actual smiley face! Like this! 🙂

Now, internet slang terms can be entered into search engines, which will bring up websites dedicated to deciphering internet and texting slang.

So, if you’re like me and you receive an e-mail with strange abbreviations or symbols at the end of it and want to know what it all means, just google the term, and you’ll see a number of “deciphering” sites.

Eventually, especially if you do much texting or e-mailing, you’ll soon understand more slang terms and symbols, and won’t be left in the dark!

If you like what you’ve read, please comment and let others know of this site!

Happy computing and thanks for reading! 🙂

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