Garage Sale & Flea Market Bargains? Yes, and They Don’t Have to be Crappy!

So, you may have read my post about how to price the items you’re selling at the garage sale or flea market and that’s great! But what about what others are selling? Is it all just junk? Or are there bargains, quality bargains, to be had? The good news is that there are quality bargains, but you have to look for them. And they are out there!

And, they are worth looking for, especially if you are on a tight budget! How to find them? Well, you don’t have to go driving around looking for garage sales. Listings for garage sales can most easily be found on the internet, through sites such as Craigslist, as well as your local paper. Flea markets can be found here, too, and, if they are well established, may even be found in the phone book, too.

Best to check out where the garage sales are and map out a route for visiting them. Most likely, you will also come across garage sales that have not been advertised other than with a few signs put up around the neighborhood they’re in.

Once you have your route planned, it’s time to hit the road! A co-worker I once had used to do just this on 2-3 weekends a month, and scored some pretty good bargains. I learned this from her and, when I need something, I, too, will scout out garage sales and flea markets, and have scored some significant bargains in the process, which I tell about below!


I bought the camera case in the photo above for only $1.00 at a flea market. It is a little worn now, as you can see, but still quite functional. I use this case when I don’t want to use my larger one. New, this case would sell for about $8.00 or more! The inside is good as new!


This TV tray is one of 4, plus a carrying stand. I purchased the whole 5-pice set at a garage sale! When I first moved, I needed a set of trays. In the stores, a full set like the one that the tray above belongs to, cost $39.00. The set I have, I found at a garage sale, listed for $15.00. Even though this was a steal, I still tried to negotiate further, as they did need some cleaning up. And I ended up paying just $10.00 for the whole set!

Yes, they were slightly worn, and needed to be cleaned, but cleaning only took a half hour and they still look good and work great after 9 years!


This Sony clock radio is probably the best bargain I scored. I needed a new clock radio. The one I had, had been getting dim and the radio reception was never good. (For some reason, I have found Sony radios and walkman MP3 players to have superior radio reception!)

I found the Sony clock radio at a garage sale, new in the box. It was indicated that it had never been used and was in new condition. Now, I am wary of buying used electronics, but the owner allowed me to take the radio out and examine it. And it was in new condition. How much did I pay? The owner was asking $4.00! I offered $3.00 and it was accepted! And the radio works great!

So, don’t dismiss flea market and garage sale items as junk before you look. Sure, I’ve come across many garage sales where it was all junk! But, if I had made up my mind based only on those times that I only saw junk, I wouldn’t have gotten the bargains above and others as well!

If you like what you’ve read, please comment and let others know of this site!

Thanks for reading, and good luck shopping! 🙂

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