Working: What I’ve Gotten Distributing Fliers and Route Distribution

Not In Cubicle Land: Priceless!

I currently work distributing fliers door to door, and also driving a distribution route. I also am self-employed making resumes for people on the side, from home.

You may have seen people like me distributing fliers, business cards, circulars, etc to homes, or, when shopping, you may have seen someone dropping off publications at the store’s publication rack. These don’t usually pay much money, unless you co-ordinate them right and market yourself well, which I am still learning to do, and they certainly don’t fit the image of what most people think a dream job would be, or should be.

However, pay and prestige aren’t the only things a job can give you, and, some of the benefits of a ‘less than traditional’ job aren’t always apparent.

What many think a dream job is: When the question of what a dream job is, many, if not most, will think that the dream job is being the high-end big executive or corporate lawyer in the big fancy downtown office of a large and prestigious corporation. In addition, they will think that the way to this job is to go get an office job where you start out in a cubicle and slowly work your way up to ‘Assistant Senior Clerk’, then ‘Senior Clerk’, then ‘Supervisor’, then ‘Assistant Manager’, and so on. Before this, many feel that you should have gone to a very prestigious and expensive university beforehand.

The reality: The reality is that many people never escape ‘cubicle land’, and, many of those who did go to that expensive university have tons of student loan debt and have found that their degree doesn’t even guarantee a job anymore, let alone a guaranteed path to the executive corner office!

Of course, some do manage to gain those ‘dream jobs’, after much time and work, only to find that, despite the big salary, title, and perks, that they often have to put in more hours than ever, to the point that some almost forget who their families are or that there is an outside world! They are stuck, and almost ‘married’ to their offices! There’s an Elton John song called, “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters“, where one line talks about “Sons of lawyers, sons of bankers…..don’t even know if it’s day or night”, or words to that effect. And, it’s often true for many executives and lawyers, as well as for many of those trying to come up in cubicle land.

What I thought and found: I was often told as a kid, both personally, and reinforced by media images, that jobs such as car washers, delivery people, meter readers, and even taxi drivers, bus drivers, and small store and food cart owners, were ‘dead-end’ jobs and occupations that went nowhere.

But, I always had the feeling that they were more ‘into’ the world, because they either involved personal movement within the world, or had a much greater view and connection to the outside world.

Car washers, small store and cart owners are all outside or have close access to the outside and people at large. They see and hear all kinds of things, including people’s stories, the weather, the seasons, and events.

The taxi driver, bus driver, route driver, flier distributor, the meter reader, and delivery people of all kinds are moving from place to place and have a constant change of people and scenery every day!

Oftentimes, these people have greater freedom on the job as well.

And, I was right. I had a job in the office of a large corporation for 13 years, and always had  a yearning to see what was going on outside and, while the job paid well and I had good co-workers, I eventually saw that this working environment was not really for me as much as I’d once thought. So, when an offer for a voluntary separation package was offered to the employees, I took the package and left.

After leaving and moving to a new location, I tried a number of office type jobs, still thinking that maybe a ‘change of office’ was all I really needed for a work environment, but I was wrong again, as I found I just didn’t want to be stuck inside any longer.

So, I looked for an outdoor job, either driving or walking, and found a flyer distribution job. Later, I found another, which became my main job, and now also drive a route as well. I’ve never looked back and have realized that what many people think of as a ‘dream job’, is based on what society wants all people to think!

What I like: Yes, the jobs I’ve had since leaving my last office job have paid less than some (but not all!) jobs in cubicle land, and I do have to put up with weather extremes at times, but I do get benefits that I do like with the jobs I have now.

I see much that many in cubicle land just never see! I’ve seen the seasons change, wildlife, which in my area has included many squirrels, birds of prey, migrating geese, occasional raccoons, deer, tree frogs, and even garter snakes.

Weather has included beautiful displays of clouds and sun, and falling snow.

I mentioned the seasons above. With this comes the changing colors of the trees in the fall as well as in the spring, when the flowers come out, followed by the light green of the first leaves.

And, when I’m in hilly areas, I am often treated to spectacular views. Plus, walking has helped keep me fit without having to take extra time to go to a gym or exercise after work.

In addition, I go through different neighborhoods and can often really feel and see their uniqueness first hand.

On my driving route, and sometimes even when I’m distributing fliers, I will pass by all kinds of interesting shops and eating places. Carrying my camera with me, I can often get great pictures on the spot as well.

Lastly, no office politics and greater work freedom. Working on resumes at home, I can work completely how I want and when. As for my employers, they are the greatest, and very rare in this world where so many employers and bosses want to own you, my employers allow me a great deal of freedom in how I work and even when I can take time off.

So, in my own way, I do have my ‘dream job’.

Please be sure to check out my services page, especially if you, or someone you know, needs a resume!

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Thanks for reading! 🙂

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