Pop-Ups: Don’t You Just Hate Them!?

Do I hate pop-ups in websites? Well, for the most part, yes, though sometimes I know that they may contain something important. It really depends on a few things, mostly on how they are set up to work.

What pop-ups do I approve of? If they contain must have info and are the logical next step in a process, such as when you place an online order, say, for a t-shirt with your favorite team or celebrity on it, and a pop-up comes up asking you to choose between several background colors, after you click on “Buy It!”, that’s fine. The online store does need to know which color you want, and so on, and the pop-up allows you to decide.

Which pop-ups do I really hate? There are two websites that I visit from time to time, through e-mail newsletters that I subscribe to. When I click on a story that interests me, I start reading, only to have the pop-up appear, not right away when the story opens, but after just enough time for me to get into the story, when the pop up appears, interrupting my reading! Imagine you’re at a movie theater or show or play and it has just started and enough time has passed so that you’re getting into it, when some guy stands yup, jumps in front of you and starts telling you to join the theater’s club for discount tickets! Right in the middle of the show, play, or movie that you’re watching!

But it get’s worse. You see, the pop-ups are inviting me to get my free subscription to the newsletter that I’m already subscribed to! So, in the theater scenario I described above, this guy who has jumped in front of you and is messing up your enjoyment of the show, is pitching to you when you are already joined up as a customer, and you know that you are already in this guy’s records as having joined! Don’t you just want to really smash this guy in the face?

That is what these types of pop-ups are like.

I do have to admit, though, that they still arent as bad as they once were. In 1998, with a windows 98 computer, some pop-ups would appear, not go away, and they often didn’t fit the page, so that, on some websites, if there was a way to close them, such as the “X” in the upper right corner, this was blocked from view because the website “spilled” off the screen! Thank goodness website construction and Windows have both improved greatly since then!

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But pop-ups can still be annoying at times. Have a good day, and don’t let the pop-ups bite! 🙂

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