Easy Ways You Can Practice Self-Love and Be Kinder to Yourself

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens.. you will ALWAYS be with yourself.”

Dianne Von Furstenberg


While it’s no question that relationships, whether it’s one we have with our significant other, our family or friends, are to be cherished, the most important and by far the longest relationship we will ever have in our life is actually one we have with ourselves.

After all, by learning to give love, acceptance, and compassion to ourselves, the more we feel whole and worthy and the more we have and are willing to offer to the world.

That said, I know firsthand that it can be extremely difficult to believe that we are worthy. Ever since we were kids, we have been told otherwise by our loved ones, bosses, colleagues, clients – and even strangers. Nevertheless, this is precisely why it’s crucial for us to become our very own best friend. With so much vying ‘against’ us, we’ve got enough on our plate that we need all the support and love we can get.

Here, I’ll be sharing with you some simple yet effective ways that have personally helped me to cultivate and strengthen self-love. May these tips help you to become kinder and gentler to yourself too!


1. Make Time for Self-Care



Has fear of missing out or being disliked prevented you from being able to set some time for yourself?

Well, it’s time to start learning to say ‘no’ to things that you think do not add any value to your life. By passing on events or added responsibilities that are not so important, it becomes much easier for you to make the time to do things that you actually enjoy.

Whether you choose to spend it by getting more sleep, going to an invigorating  yoga class, or picking up a new hobby, it’s all up to you! Practice self-care regularly by committing the time and effort you need to become the best version of yourself – because you’re truly worth it.


2. Connect with Your Inner Self


Image credit: Huffingtonpost.com


We may not want to admit it but most of us live our lives basing our values on our successes and failures. Deep down, however, we know that these ‘things’ do not illustrate the whole picture of who we really are. So, let’s ingrain it into our heads that our self-worth does not equate to our net worth – and act accordingly.

One way we can effectively do this is to learn to connect with our inner self (the soul) through activities that quiet the mind and bring it to a state of peace and stillness such as meditation or journaling. As Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, a renowned spiritual leader, beautifully said quiet the mind and the soul will speak”


3. Apply Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWu3rSEddZI – action=share

Video credit: Mercola YouTube account


Several years ago, a life coach who happens to be an EFT practitioner introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique as a way to calm myself whenever I’m feeling stressed, anxious, or critical of myself. Though its name may appear rather scientific, it’s actually a pretty simple healing tool where we tap ourselves on specific parts of the body (acupressure) while repeating an affirmation. 

The great thing about this technique is that it can be done just about anywhere as it only requires a bit of time, our fingers, and a ‘mantra’ or affirmation. I’ve personally found it to be quick and effective in helping me to release negative energy when I’m feeling extreme emotions and to regain a sense of calm and balance. 


4. Stop Playing the Comparison Game


Image credit: isigood.com


We’re all familiar with the comparison game, it’s that dreadful yet addictive game where we compare ourselves with practically everyone we know and even those we don’t! 

The truth is, each and every single one of us is special and we all have our own unique purpose and path in life. Comparison is the ‘thief’ of joy and it prevents us from counting our blessings and embracing our already beautiful lives. Instead of comparing our journey to the journey of others, we should focus on being grateful for who we are and what we already have. 

Energy flows where attention goes. The more you recognize who you are and what you already have, the more abundance and blessings you will manifest in your life.


5. Give Up the Need for Approval from Others



Old habits die hard,” they say, and from my own experience, I admit that it’s not that easy to let go of our need of approval  –  but it’s certainly not impossible.

We can start to do this by choosing to consistently speak our truth. When you believe in an idea or have an opinion that differs from those around you – stand by it. Be aware when you are tempted to conform to someone’s else’s opinion just for the sake of having them on your side or obtain their approval and consciously choose to resist it.

In order for us to live our very best lives, we must learn to be independent of the good opinion of others. This means that we need to learn to make choices and take actions that are unapologetically true to who we are. After all, the only validation we truly need is one that we give to ourselves so stop living your life trying to impress others. Live your life trying to impress yourself instead!


Contributed by Lystia Putranto


Lystia Putranto

Lystia is a personal & professional development blogger who seeks to inspire and to motivate people to create and to live out their best lives. A proponent of meditation, she actively encourages those who seek to become their best selves to integrate meditation as part of their daily routine.

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A Handy Tool for Rendering Computer Help Remotely

Are you computer savvy? Even just a little bit more than most people you know? Well, if you are, they probably know it. And, when they need help with their computers, chances are, they call you, right? And, unless you live close enough to simply hop over to their place within minutes, you probably have to help them remotely, over the phone. And, when you do, you come to realize why doctors often refuse to make a diagnosis over the phone.

Windows 10 Start Menu. 11/27/2015



It can be really frustrating to identify a computer problem over the phone and even tougher to correct it, as you have to guide the person who you’re helping and they may not always understand, or be as familiar as you are, with what you’re trying to tell them. And it often doesn’t matter that they may be as computer savvy or literate as yourself. When I worked for a large company in the past, I often had to try to describe technical problems to our IT department, and I often wished I had some kind of camera that would allow them to see what I was talking about, because it was still difficult at times for both sides to “see” the same problem.

Well, there is a free software program that can really help in this regard. It’s called, Team Viewerand it’s really great! If you ever allowed a tech company to remotely control your computer to diagnose a problem for you, Team Viewer is similar. How it works is, you go to the website, download it, and install it on your computer, and also have the other person do the same. You’ll also see more information about Team Viewer, including resources for both business and personal use. The website is quite informational.

The program will install a desktop shortcut like the one pictured once it is installed. Then both you and the other person call each other and then each of you will click on the shortcut on your computers. This will bring up  the team viewer windows.






The person needing your help will then give you their password, which you enter into a field on your Team Viewer window. You’ll then see the other person’s computer and your mouse will move the cursor on their screen. They can still move the cursor and see their own screen as well. You can then see what they are seeing and can correct the problem for them or guide them while seeing what they are actually doing and what actually happens when the problem shows up if it is not readily apparent. This means you can see the problem as it really is, which makes it much easier to identify and correct!

It’s really helped me since my cousin told me about it. As I often help a few of my relatives with their computers, and with them living quite a distance from me, it has made it much easier to identify and correct problems on their computers.

If you’re worried about having someone else have control of your computer, just remember, they cannot get control until you give them your password, which changes every time you open Team Viewer. Your mischievous nephew cannot take control of your computer on a whim. He would have to have you turn your computer on and give him the current password.

And, there is a Team Viewer app for Chromebooks, which can then be used to diagnose problems on other computers, whether they are Chromebooks or regular Windows pc’s or laptops.

So, if you are the go-to person when your friends or relatives need computer help, Team Viewer is for you!

Happy computing!

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Autonomous Cars Will Do More Than Just Drive You To Work

Autonomous cars are perhaps the most exciting invention of the 21st century so far. From humble beginnings almost a decade ago, driverless cars have become something that is now discussed in the mainstream and something that practically every major carmaker is working towards right now.



Autonomous cars will do more than just take you to work or bring you home from the pub if you’re drunk: many experts are predicting that they will fundamentally reshape our society, just as the original automobile did. Just think for a second what the world would look like if cars, trucks, and motorcycles had never been invented. Our cities would look very different, that’s for sure. We’d all be crowded into the center to be closer to services. And there wouldn’t be mile after mile of road and parking lot. Perhaps horses would still roam the streets.


The latest predictions from the car industry itself is that we will see autonomous vehicles emerge onto our roads between 2020 and 2025. Tesla thinks that it might be able to get there sooner. And Audi has indicated that it is already at level 3 autonomy and will soon be moving onto level 4. What’s interesting about the current drive to driverless cars is that it doesn’t rely on the usual car model cadence. Instead, the most cutting edge vehicles, like the Tesla Model 3, can be updated wirelessly. In other words, cars are moving towards a platform model where your car can receive new updates like your phone operating system, and customers can enjoy the benefits immediately.

Wikimedia Commons


Will we just have autonomous cars, or will other vehicles also become driverless? The answer to that question appears to be unequivocal “yes.” There are already dozens of prototype vehicles under construction and being trialed in the real world that suggests that autonomy is coming to all categories of vehicle. For instance, there are already flying car prototypes being developed by people like Google founder Larry Page. And other companies, like Daimler, are testing autonomous trucks on US and German roads. The hope is that businesses will be able to buy autonomous fleets by 2025, slashing their wage bills and lowering prices for consumers. We may also see a proliferation of new classes of vehicle, like sidewalk drones which will do everything from clean up the streets to deliver pizzas.

Wikimedia Commons


Will you need to insure your car, truck or motorcycle through Johnson or another company? That’s not clear yet. According to industry experts, it is predicted that insurance will still be required because there is still a risk. Even though autonomous cars are expected to reduce the number of accidents by more than 90 percent, there is still a chance that they will hit pedestrians and cyclists if they step out into the road unexpectedly. As with any technology, there are still risks, but many of those risks can’t be abated by the technology itself. They require pedestrians to make better decisions and observe the road more carefully, something which they are unlikely to do.


The question of who will ultimately cash in on this autonomous extravaganza remains to be seen. This is going to be one of the growth industries of the early 21st century, but it’s not yet clear who will win. The early indications seem to suggest that it won’t be the carmakers themselves (except Tesla possibly). Instead, it looks like it is going to be the people who develop the autonomous software and hardware. Nvidia, the computer graphics chip company, has seen its share price rocket to astronomical levels over the last couple of years or so following its foray into deep learning and the autonomous car market. AMD, though lagging a little behind Nvidia in the car space, is another company which could potentially break into the market and make a lot of money. Its share price has quadrupled over the last 18 months.


What we do know is that incumbent firms are usually unwilling or unable to change. What usually happens is that they don’t change from within so they are disrupted from the outside. When it comes to autonomous cars, the majority of big car makers are making the right noises, but whether they really understand how autonomy will change the market is debatable. Even today, five years after Tesla launched its wireless updates for the Model S, no other major manufacturer has done the same. In other words, it doesn’t appear as if they understand the new paradigm or are able to transition towards it. Thus, we could see some of the big names in the global auto industry fall by the wayside.

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Want Great Sound? Get a Blue Tooth Speaker!

Hi everyone! I’ve been curious about these portable blue tooth speakers lately. I did have some computer speakers that could be used alone with my mp3 player, but they required an additional plug-in to an electrical wall socket and also weren’t very loud, despite being of otherwise good quality. I had another set that was completely portable that I could also use with my mp3 player. The great points for this set of speakers were that they were very light weight, required neither an additional plug-in to an electrical socket or computer or anything else, and also required no batteries! I would just plug them into my mp3 player and they worked. But they were extremely weak and just being more than about 5 feet away from them meant not really hearing what was playing.

Both sets had some extra wires to contend with and neither set could really fill the room with sound.

I’d seen the portable blue tooth speakers in stores and found most to be quite impressive sound-wise, and have no wires to contend with, but I really wasn’t sure if these speakers would work as well in my place, especially the smaller ones. And many of them are pricey, especially if they are of any size, and many don’t have a battery life of more than 10 hours.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to check them out on Amazon, as I can often find more varieties here than at almost any store, plus with reviews and usually more information, and I found one I liked, with a 24 hour battery life and the ability to connect with non-blue tooth items via an auxiliary audio cable, like the one I sometimes use to connect my mp3 player to my car’s stereo, so I can listen to my playlists on long trips. And it only cost $30!


This is it. And I am very satisfied!

Buttons on top include the power button, volume down, play/pause, volume up, and blue tooth. This area, which goes around the speaker via the top and bottom, is rubberized so the speaker won’t slip easily.

Many portable blue tooth speakers have some sort of rubberized surface, and some are even made to be water-resistant with the outdoors in mind.



And, it is just under 7 inches long!

And light enough to take anywhere! I’ve known people who pair these speakers to their phones and take the speakers with them where ever they go.

And the sound? It is great! Once you connect it via blue tooth to your phone, or computer or other device, you will notice the difference right away! This speaker, despite its small size, will fill the room, and possibly your whole house, with great sound!

So how long will it play? I haven’t yet played it for a really long time, but it’s battery life is rated at 24 hours and the reviews seem to bear this out.

It does come with a micro usb cable which can be used to charge the speaker using a computer or a wall charger with usb ports. You can also use any wall charger with a micro usb plug-in.



But of course, the blue tooth connectivity is the best feature of these speakers, as you don’t need any type of wired connection to use it with another blue tooth capable device! And you can pair many of these speakers with multiple devices, as well. So you can take one of these speakers and play the music files from your laptop through the speaker, and can take the speaker into the bathroom while you shower, or onto the porch or balcony, or into the kitchen, and enjoy great sound!

Do bear in mind, these speakers do have a range and this range varies from speaker to speaker. Mine has a range of 66 feet, which is more than enough for my place, but some have a range of 30 feet, so if you have a mansion, you would want to take this into account.

Also, many of these speakers allow the use of an auxiliary audio cable so you can attach that old, non-blue tooth mp3 player to the speaker and still enjoy great sound!

And, you don’t have to spend a lot to still get a quality speaker. Checking YouTube to see if there are comparisons between the one you are interested in with other well-known brands can help with your research also. So, if you want great sound that you can take with you, think about a blue tooth speaker!

Happy listening!

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Aiding an Unproductive Employee

We’ve all been there before. We’ve had a couple of employees or perhaps just a single one that is being problematic. It’s not that they aren’t willing to work, it’s not that they’re breaking the rules either, it’s simply just their productivity. Maybe they’re not working as quickly as they should, perhaps you’re unsure what kind of work to give them or maybe you’re stumped because you’re unsure how often you should be giving them a new task.


It’s usually not their fault or yours. Maybe there’s just a little break in your office right now and perhaps there’s no need for so many employees. You’ve considered telling them to take a holiday, but they don’t want to use their dates yet and you’re paying them a salary anyway, so why not make use of them? Unfortunately, this type of problem is fairly common in the world of business because there will always be ups and downs in your sales and there will always be quiet periods where almost no one does any work.


In order to straighten out this situation and help the unproductive members of your workforce, here are a couple of useful tips and tricks to keep in mind. The last thing you want to do is fire your employees, so use these as an alternative.

Image Credit


Creating a work schedule


One of the most problematic things with unproductive employees is the feeling that they could be doing more. You’re unsure if they’re simply doing their work too quickly or if the work you’re assigning is just far too easy for them. Perhaps it’s the opposite and they’re taking way too long to finish a task that others can do in a matter of minutes. It’s hard to judge this without evidence or statistics, so here’s how to solve the issue.


Get an average of how long it takes to finish a task. It could be sorting mail, writing up an article or even responding to a certain amount of customer queries. Once you have this average, use it to judge whether an employee is being too slow or too fast. Then, take a look into their work and ensure they’re not being lazy or rushing it. Ideally, everyone should finish their tasks at the same time, but it’s understandable when a handful of people don’t meet the average and either go above or below it.


Another useful thing to have is a work schedule app. This can help your employees stay on track for when they’re doing their tasks, and it will give them a general sense of direction on what to do next without having to ask their colleagues or speak with you.


Allow them creative freedom


Something that tends to annoy employees is their ability to be autonomous in your business. Limiting employee creativity is a sin and it should never happen unless the job they have is strictly something logical that doesn’t require creativity. There aren’t many roles in the office that promote this, which is why there is almost never an excuse to not be creative.


If you know your business inside out, then there are undoubtedly some ways in the back of your mind that an employee can be more productive. Let’s say you have an employee that isn’t really working much because they always finish their work on time. Instead of limiting their talents, why not give them a new role in the office that involves design, such as website design or content creation? By stimulating their creative urges, you effectively give an employee a little more control over how they help your business.


Money usually isn’t the reason for people becoming unproductive and lazy at work. You can’t exactly throw money at someone and expect them to work harder or be more productive. Instead, what your staff really want is job security and a sense of belonging. They want to feel like they’re actually contributing to your business, not just following orders and acting as a small cog in a large machine. Offer them some autonomy and give them some creative freedom so that they may affect your business in their own way and feel a sense of accomplishment when your business succeeds in something.




In short, make sure that you’re making the most use out of every employee you have. Whether it’s by offering them more creative freedom in their tasks or monitoring what they do and optimising their working hours, it’s important to nurture every member and staff and turn them into staff that are proud to work for you.

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When it Comes To The World Wide Web, How Safe Are You Really?

In today’s digital age, staying safe online is of the utmost importance. Every day, businesses are targets of fraud and individuals are subject to identity theft. Hackers can ravage our devices, and even celebrities aren’t immune- with a number of them having photos stolen from their phones. We live so much of our lives online, it’s how we work, socialize with friends, we do our banking online and have all kinds of personal and sensitive information stored on our devices and online accounts. So our safety online is something that we all should be taking very seriously. Here are a few points to consider


Safety on Your Smartphone

It’s well documented that Apple iPhones are more safe and secure than any other model. All of the apps you can download are verified, and overall it’s almost impossible to hack your information from them. A new update means you can set up two-step verification for icloud too meaning this is unable to be compromised. If someone has physical access to your phone for any length of time, it’s possible to jailbreak and store malicious software, however, for the average person, this really isn’t a concern. According to http://www.icloudlogin.com/, on any device, you should be exercising caution such as not clicking links in text messages from unknown senders, or using unsecured wifi networks. However, the security on iPhones are far better than the other leading models. So if you’re in the market for a new phone and safety is high on your priority list then investing in an iPhone is a good option. There are a number of apps now which let you log in using your fingerprint, it’s worth setting this up if you have the option to give you that added peace of mind.

Image: Pexels


Safety When You Make Purchases

There’s a reason the high street is in decline – rather than trawl through the shops most of us prefer the convenience of shopping from the comfort of our homes. Online shopping has taken off massively in the last few years, but this can also mean it’s something we need to be conscious of from a safety point of view. Websites selling counterfeit goods are common, and others are simply set up to take your money with nothing ever even being posted. Be wary of where you shop online, even if it’s a big brand or well-known store be sure to check the website’s URL. If it’s not the official link, then it’s likely to be a scammer. If you want to shop from a site you’re unfamiliar with, one thing to look at is their social pages. Scam sites that have been set up in a hurry won’t have tons of followers and interaction. Check on their socials for customer reviews, see if there are any complaints and if so, the way they have been responded to. And unless you’re using a very well known site like Amazon, always use PayPal to make purchases. That way, if anything does go wrong during the transaction, you know that you will be able to get your money back – there’s more information on how this works here https://www.paypal.com. You don’t want to be entering card details into anywhere that you’re unsure of, and it goes without saying that you should never send over bank details. Any company asking you to do this is definitely not legitimate.


Safety on Social Networks

The problem with social networks is that privacy settings are regularly changed, meaning you might be sharing details that you didn’t intend to. Snapchat for example recently released an update allowing you to share your location. If you share to Snapchat’s story, your location will show regardless of what settings you’ve chosen. These kinds of issues should be taken seriously, so make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk. Things like your phone number, email address and other personal details should be set to private. Do regular privacy checks to make sure everything looks as it should. It can be worth regularly deleting private messages too, we bear all to our friends in messages, and if someone does gain access they’re going to be able to see everything. Be sure to actually delete rather than archive where they can’t be recovered.

Image: Pexels


Safety on Email

Safety on all of your accounts is important, but particularly so when it comes to email. If a hacker gains access to your email, then they can reset passwords and gain access to everything that’s linked to it. Be sure to set a strong, complex password (and make sure you’re the only one who knows what this is). A mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation will make it extremely difficult to crack. Avoid kids, pets, partners and nicknames, important dates and other passwords that someone could guess. Always set up two-step verification too for email. This is often done by texting a code to your phone before you can log in, or you can sometimes use an authenticator. This is an app which you can link to your accounts and generates codes every thirty seconds, there’s more info on the way they work on sites like https://security.stackexchange.com. To log in, you simply enter the code shown. These days most email inboxes will automatically filter junk, but be careful of clicking on anything that looks dodgy from unknown senders and certainly don’t click on any links. If you receive an email from somewhere like Paypal or your bank and you’re unsure if it’s legitimate, always type the address in manually into your browser and log in this way instead of going through a link. Since the link can lead you to a website that looks exactly as it should but is really just there to steal your details and login to your account.


Have you put much thought into online safety? What steps do you take to ensure your details are kept safe online?

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If You Love Traveling, One of These Amazing Jobs Are for You!

If you love traveling (and who doesn’t?), and are in the market for a new job, maybe you should think about getting a job that would suit your traveling dreams! The days of working and saving every penny you have just so you can quit your job and travel for a month, are long behind you once you’ve seen these! There are what you can do while traveling! There are a surprising amount of jobs out there which do aid you if you wanted to go traveling, you just have to make it happen! Have a look here if you want to find out what they are!


1) Working at a local bar

This one may sound like something you’ve heard before, but that is because it is fantastic for working while traveling. In every place you go to, they always have bars or clubs. This is the perfect type of job as well because they usually high a high turnover, meaning more opportunity for yourself! As well as not too much commitment, so if you felt like moving on to another place after a little bit of time, you wouldn’t feel too bad about leaving because that’s just how it’s done! You can always find places that need English speakers if you do a bit of research online beforehand.

Image here


2) Find a cafe you love

In a similar vein, if you’re more of a night owl and don’t want to be working at nights, which you would be in a bar, you could work in a cafe. It is the same thing but just in the day time. For this, you would probably have to be in a touristy area where most people spoke English unless you are talented enough to pick up another language! Similarly to the bar work, these sorts of places also have a high turnover. You could find a beautiful place that is run by a little local family is you wanted! It would be a great way to have a chat to some locals as well!

Pub Cafe Gastronomy Restaurant After Work Bar

Image here


3) Find work on a tugboat

Another great way to find work abroad is to look for jobs on a tugboat. There are loads of these going all over the world if you do a little search online before you go, you almost definitely be able to find something! Or you could go the other route and have a look at NautiSNP – tugs for sale and get your tugboat! You may have to save for a little while, but you could start up your own tugboat business abroad! That would be such a great way to get some traveling in a while not only making money but starting your whole own business. If you were nervous about it, you could also sell it on when you wanted to move on to a new place, or just expand your business!

Image here


4) Become an au pair

This is probably the most convenient way to get some traveling in. There are countless sites online full of people looking for au pairs. As an au pair, you mainly travel to someone’s house abroad for a few months or so, and you get to stay there and help out with either some childcare or a little bit of housework. You usually get paid for it as well, so you get to go abroad, stay for free and get paid for doing a bit of work in their house! It’s a fantastic deal! Just make sure you know when your free time will be so you can organize thing you want to do while in that country!

Image here


5) Become a flight attendant

This is more of a permanent job, but that is ok when you are constantly going to different places all across the globe. As a flight attendant, you obviously have to work abroad the plane. There are loads of airlines you could get a job with but try to go for an international, worldwide one to get to go to a wider variety of places! If you want to become a flight attendant, you might need some experience in service, so hopefully, that waitressing job you had in college will come in handy after all! You will also need to pass a medical test.

Image here


6) Teaching English abroad

This one is great if you wanted to be part of a program or something. It is also great because you do get a great feeling that you are giving something back to the place you are staying in. You can make a decent amount of money doing this as well if you go to some locations. It is a way to meet people while you are out there as well. You can meet other people working there and the people you are teaching as well! This is also the kind of thing that you can do in several places, not just the one!

Image here


7) Find a cruise ship

As most of these jobs, you’ll be able to find a great one if you have a look online! But work on a cruise ship is pretty much a dream! There are so many things you can do, unexpected things as well. There is all sort of filming job, service jobs, chef jobs, just imagine the cruise ship as a little community and every job you can get on board you can pretty much get on board! You also get several stops off along the way at all different places. You have to find out when your free time is as well to work out if you might want to do something like this!

Image here


8) Any work from home job

Traveling is so important to a lot of people, and luckily, there are a lot of jobs out there where you can work remotely, this means that you can work anywhere including on a beach somewhere if you want (and are capable of making your deadlines with a lot of distraction)! Or if you wanted to work for yourself, you could start up a travel blog and get that going to the point that you can make a living off of it! It is possible to do if you put a lot of hard work into it!

Image here

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