Why Continuing Education is Good For The Soul

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There are few better ways to raise one’s self-esteem than to commit to a course of education, as the personal pride that comes from taking a course and finishing it, is one of the most personally productive things we can do to enhance our lives and career.

You’ll have probably already heard the saying “the more you learn the more you earn”, and this is true, for instance if you were to do network administration training in the context of IT, your earning ability in this field would dramatically increase, but learning is not limited to financial benefits.

The expansion of one’s self in terms of your personal development and the impact this has on your self-esteem and confidence is one of the greatest reasons to learn more.  Indeed, if you have children it’s very important you dream big yourself if you are going to encourage your children to dream big, as kids often model what you do – not what you say.

In this vein, if you are committed to your own learning then your child is likely to follow in your footsteps.

There’s a certain psychological power in progress that propels us forward, almost like a catapult – the reason it feels so good to achieve things in this context is because it gives us a physiological boost in the form of an endorphin rush that floods our brain with feel good hormones, akin to when we start exercising.

The improvement in self-esteem you’ll receive from learning something new is often a great way to deal with common mood ailments such as depression and low self-esteem.  Then, there are of course the financial benefits.  

In today’s world, most people can benefit from earning an extra source of income or improving their earning ability so that they can earn more money for each hour they work.  

In terms of making more money, there’s a simple formula to follow, as people are ultimately compensated based on the tangible value they create.  

Therefore, if you want to earn more, you simply need to create more value in terms of the end result and tangible outcome you provide; and one of the most common ways to provide more value is to get more education so that you are knowledgeable in a particular field.

You want to have a laser focus however, when it comes to the course you undertake, as education is ultimately an investment – both in time and money; so, it’s important you invest these resources wisely and not do a course just for the sake of it.  There are way too many graduates who are unemployed or working in minimum wage jobs, meaning, just because you have a degree does not guarantee you a prosperous career. You need to ensure the course you select is aligned with the trajectory you wish to take and that it can legitimately propel you from where you are to where you want to be.

In summary, education is a great way to expand your mind, increase your earning potential, be a great role model to your children, improve your self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence… but make sure you invest in a course or programme that provides ample return on investment for the time and money you are putting into it.


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The Greatest Gift Your Company Can Possess… How To Keep Your Employees Happy


Happiness is the greatest gift that any employee can possess. But, with increasing competition in industry, as well as tighter regulations, as an employer, you can feel the pinch in so many ways. We all know the devastating impact of a sour workplace atmosphere, it leads to lots of whispers, and the rumor mill inevitably builds up. In addition to this, your business could be going through a tough time, which is why you need to ensure that your employees are happy, healthy, and have an attitude to work that is productive but also contributes to a positive workplace culture. What can you do to make sure that your employees stay on the right side of the tracks in this respect?

Clarity Avoids Confusion

It’s often discussed, the benefits of transparency and communication. Clarity, in every aspect, makes for a happier workplace. From how you deal with your employees on a personal level, all the way through to simplifying complex jargon that turns up in employee contracts. In fact, contract drafting is a fine art, and while you need to remain firmly on the legal side, when stating your intent with your employees, especially if you are working with them in a freelance capacity, it’s important to ensure that everything is as transparent as possible on paper. There are infinite resources relating to this, and drafting attorney Andrew Weisblatt and his explanation of contract drafting is one of the many professional resources you can go to. The contract, as well as the communication, needs to be clear.

Don’t View Them As “Only Workers”

Once you get into this frame of mind, it’s very difficult to back pedal. As a leader, your enjoyment of bossing people around begins to take center stage, and the great divide presents itself. Instead, look to moving forward as a team. Don’t view them as just workers who are there to do your bidding. This is a sure-fire way for them to jump ship, so, work at congealing your relationships. This can be done, not just by an open door policy, but also, by focusing on more prominent values. From the work-life balance to the most basic of perks, they all add up to a happier environment.

Take A Step Back

You can be so preoccupied with the business side of things, that you can completely avoid the overall human impact. You might find yourself calculating how much money you’ve wasted in a particular day due to downtime, but this isn’t healthy. Remember, lead by example, and if you are a stressed out person, this ill feeling will easily transfer to your employees. Instead, take a step back, assess the situation, but also, work at making yourself a better person. Relaxation, mindfulness or anything that makes you feel rejuvenated is a major asset to the company.

We don’t have to walk around with smiles fixed onto our faces, but if there are very obvious reasons why morale is low, or productivity is down, you should work hard at happiness. Content workers can complete tasks better. And you may have a pool of talented employees, but if they aren’t working their best, the onus is on you to fix this, not to place blame on them.

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The Ins & Outs Of Launching A Highly Successful Construction Business

Let’s be clear from the start, running a business is not a career choice that’s a good fit for everyone. In order to launch a highly successful business, it’s crucial that you are someone who is suited to running a business, someone who has a passion for success and who has the work ethic required to run a highly successful business.

The key to success in the business sector is choosing to run a business in an area that interests you. If you start a business in an area that is not of interest to you, you will find that it’s very difficult to make a success of it. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that construction is an area that you feel passionate enough about to build a successful business in.

When you launch a business, you don’t picture your business simply surviving, do you? You see your venture thriving, right? That’s why it’s so essential that you understand what steps you need to take to launch and run a highly successful construction business.

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To help you get started in the industry, below are some useful tips and pieces of advice to have a read, take note of, and implement in how you run your business.

You can’t do it alone

When funds are tight, which is often the way with small businesses, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that you can go it completely alone and run your business solo, when that isn’t the case.

If you want to give your startup the very best chance of success, you need to be willing to take on a team of skilled workers who can help you to grow your business. It doesn’t have to be a large team, just enough people to make your workload manageable. For any tasks that you don’t require someone for 24/7, consider outsourcing and working with freelancers.

Master your leadership skills

As a business owner, you should be a leader. Of course, not everyone is a natural-born leader, which is why it makes sense to spend some time mastering your leadership skills. Not sure how to be a leader, spend some time reading up about what it takes to be an amazing business leader.

You don’t want to be the kind of leader that no one likes because they’re rude and unsupportive of their team members. You want to be the kind of leader that your team members look up to and respect. Treat your team with care and respect and they will do the same for you.

Put a business plan in place

A key aspect of business success is having an effective business plan in place. If you want to build a business that has the potential to be highly successful, you need to have a well thought out business plan in place. This should detail every aspect of your business, from your goals and targets to the materials and equipment that you will need to buy to start off.

When it comes to your business equipment, there is a lot that you will need to buy or rent, from service trucks which you can click here to browse, to building tools, there is a lot that you will need to invest in. If you can’t afford to cover all of the costs that come with launching your business, you might want to consider taking out a business loan to help.

Market, market, market

You could build the most amazing business but if no one knows it exists then you have a very limited chance of success. That’s why marketing your business properly is so important – if you want to ensure that people within the local community know that your business exists, you need to market it properly.

Those are a few simple tips that should help you to start a successful construction business. Of course, there’s a lot more to learn but all the extra knowledge that you need will come with time.

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The Things That Matter Most When Buying a Car

Buying a car can be a confusing and stressful process at the best of times. That’s just the way it is. But there are some things you need to make sure that you get right when you’re buying a car because these are the things that simply matter more than all the rest. We’re now going to look at some of the things that really do matter most when it comes to buying your next car.

The Comfort it Offers You and Your Passengers

Having the comfort that your passengers need and that you want when you’re behind the wheel is obviously really important. You want to make sure that your passengers are never made to feel uncomfortable in your car, and you will certainly not want to be uncomfortable in your seat when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. So keep this in mind when buying your next car.

The Condition of the Car

The condition of the car is always important when you’re buying used. You don’t want a vehicle that’s going to be in poor shape and always causing you problems. So always look into this stuff in more depth so that you don’t cause yourself more problems than you need to with your next vehicle. DOn’t just look at the surface either because first appearances can be deceptive.

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How it Drives When You Test It

Getting behind the wheel tells you a lot about the vehicle, and you can’t skip the test drive if you want to be sure that this vehicle is going to be the one for you. Driving it is going to be one of those things that tells you whether you should make that purchase or whether you should hold off for a little longer and see what else is on the market.

The Manufacturer

Everyone pays attention to the logo on the front of their car, and that means they get about the manufacturer. Different car makers are better at different things. You might want to go to the Mercedes Dealership if you want some class and sophistication. Or you might want to go to Volvo if you value safety above all else when you’re on the road.

The Warranty

Every good car should have a good warranty to go with it. You should try to make sure that you’re always certain that you’re covered for as long as you can be when you’re buying a new car. You don’t want that warranty to run out and leave you paying for things that should be covered by a decent warranty if you had one. Always ask these questions when buying your car.

When it comes to ticking all the right boxes, these are the things that matter most when you’re buying a car. Without getting these things right, you won’t have a car that’s right for you. You can’t afford to cut corners on any of these things, so you should try to focus on getting the basic things right.

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Don’t Let Your Desk Job Damage Your Health

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A desk job might not seem like a particularly dangerous occupation, but there can in fact be serious long-term health hazards caused by sitting in front of a computer all day. A lack of physical inactivity combined with various repetitive activities can take its toll on the body. Here are five ways to stop your desk job damaging your health.

Protect your posture

If you’re craned over your desk every day, it could be having a long-term effect on your posture, potentially giving you a hunch when you’re older. Try to lower your chair (or raise your desk/monitor) so that your computer screen is directly in front of you so that you’re not staring down at it. Make sure to also sit back in your chair so that you’re not hunched forward – this will keep shoulders back and protect your posture.

Take a break from the screen

Staring at a screen all day could be damaging your eyesight. Make sure that you’re giving your eyes a rest by taking frequent breaks. Eye strain is most likely to occur when you’re tired, so try to get a good quality of sleep if you spend long hours in front of a computer. Meanwhile, if you notice your vision starting to deteriorate, consider getting an eye exam. Wearing glasses could help to prevent your vision getting worse by reducing the strain.

Clean your keyboard

Most people never clean their keyboards, but they could be teeming in bacteria as a result. In fact, studies have shown that many office keyboards are thousands of times dirtier than the average toilet seat. Keyboards are thought to be a major source of illnesses getting spread around the office – take the time to clean your keyboard, including getting any grime out from under the keys. Try not to eat your desk as this could cause crumbs to get into your keyboard.

Invest in an ergonomic mouse

Constantly holding a mouse could be also causing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a repetitive strain injury that can affect your grip in the long run. Consider investing in an ergonomic mouse that could prevent this damage. You should also ensure that you have enough elbow room when using a mouse.

Be active

Being sat down all day is arguably the most damaging part of working a desk job. Your stomach muscles may start to wear resulting in weight gain whilst the knees joints can get damaged by constantly being contracted. Try to take regular breaks from your desk by getting up and walking around the office. You can encourage yourself to walk around by not having everything in arm’s reach. Also make sure that you’re getting your exercise in out of work hours.

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What You Should Do to Become Safer on the Road

Being safe on the road is one of those things that everyone should be prioritising because in many places, road traffic accidents are on the rise. You can’t take your safety for granted when you’re on the road, but luckily there are plenty of things you can do to become safer on the road right now. We’re going to look at some of the things that you should be trying to do if you want to become safer, so read on.

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Stay on Top of Regular Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is something that no one really likes doing, so it’s up to you to force yourself to get this right. There are so many small, regular tasks that you’re going to need to stay on top of. For example, you want good tread on your tyres and the right oil in your engine. You should also let a professional mechanic oversee the regular services your car requires as well.

Manage Stress and Anger on the Road Better

Stress and anger are never good things to be dealing with when you’re in control of a moving vehicle. However, many people find that this is when they’re most stressed and most angry in life. This could be a sign of road rage, so it might be best for you to get help with this so that it doesn’t become something that stops you from driving safely.

Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Distracted

When you’re behind the wheel of your car, nothing should matter more to you than what’s going on in front of you on the road. If you allow yourself to get distracted by your phone or something else going on inside your car, you will eventually pay the price and something could go horribly wrong. That’s not what you want, so aim to eliminate those distractions.

Learn About the Dangers of Drinking and Driving

Everyone should know about why it’s not safe to drink and drive, so why do so many people still do it? You should try to educate yourself further and learn about the gory details regarding why you shouldn’t do it. You don’t want to be hiring a DUI Lawyer when you get caught driving over the limit. The same applies to driving under the influence of drugs or driving when tired.

Combat the Elements

The elements can really damage your ability to drive safely on the road, so it’s in your best interests to make sure that you combat them. This can be done by only driving at the right times. But you can also do things like changing your car’s tyres so that your car can always grip to the road properly in any conditions.

Staying safe on the road doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. Each of these ideas will help you to stay safer than you would otherwise be on the road, and they can all be enacted pretty quickly and easily. You should try to do this as soon as possible because nothing is more important than safety.

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Staying Safe On The Beach This Summer

There is no summer with a sunny beach by the sea – or the ocean. For a lot of people, the most exciting thing about summertime is the chance to spend an entire day at the beach without feeling guilty about it. Just picture the scene: Sea, sand, and sun; it’s the ideal paradise to soothe your burnout syndrome and refuel yourself with new energy before heading back to work or school. But every year, millions of holidaymakers suffer from sickness and injuries on their way to the beach or on site. Coping with accidents and illnesses during your vacation isn’t fun, to say the least. It could dramatically affect your peace of mind, without mentioning that it could get expensive too. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself while you’re going on a beach holiday. This summer, aim for sea, sand, sun, and above all, safety.  

Active on the beach  

It’s the perfect excuse to get active

If you’ve been trying to motivate yourself to get active, spending some time on a beach resort will give you plenty of opportunities. Don’t be fooled into thinking that beaches are only for lying down. In fact, you’ll come to appreciate an active lifestyle if it means walking along the wet sand to watch the sunrise every morning. You can also choose to jog in the water – you might need rubber shoes to keep your feet safe from rocks and shells – in the evening: It’s a fantastic mixture of cooling sensation, resistance training from the water and cardio. And all that goes without mentioning the primary sport in the sea, swimming! You can challenge yourself to swim into the distance and back if the water is quiet. There is only one thing you need to remember to make the most of your active sea vacation. You can’t afford to forget to bring waterproof sunscreen cream.

The traffic to and out the beach can be bad

If you find yourself renting a villa a short distance away from the beach, you might prefer to drive down every day with your equipment and sports gear. Be careful, though, as beaches attract plenty of vehicles. An accident can happen quickly, as joyelawfirm.com team knows. So keep an eye on the road and avoid sun glare as a driver. Additionally, do remember to make yourself visible if you are a pedestrian walking on the road. Traffic is terrible on the sea as well. If you’re a surfer, look out for collision with less experienced holidaymakers.

Sea, sand, sun, and WATER

If you’re planning your entire day on the beach, you need to stay hydrated. Booksurfcamps.com has provided a handy reminder for all beach lovers. You can lose up to 50 ounces of sweat in an hour when you’re active on a sunny day. So, it’s important to pack some water in your bag. A cucumber contains 96% water, while you can get 92% water from a slice of watermelon. Coconut water and sports drinks are great to rehydrate after a workout.

Don’t let the warning note scare you. Beach holidays are fun. But, you need to look after yourself to make the most of it!

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