5 Suggestions to Help Teens Succeed in High School

One of the most stressful times of a young person’s life is high school. The social pressures, new academic concepts and extracurricular activities they face can be overwhelming.

If you want to help your teen overcome these challenges, you could take steps to lend your support and guidance. Even though some teenagers want independence, adequate parental involvement is instrumental to their academic success.

Here are five suggestions to help your teen become successful in today’s world:

  1. Offer Assistance with Studying

Planning is essential to help your teenager study while completing assignments in various subjects. Given that grades matter a lot in high school, taking time to plan for studying is vital for success, especially when your child is busy with extracurricular activities.

When your teen has a lot of subjects to cover, help them break down the studying tasks to manageable chunks. Also, get them to adhere to a calendar schedule. This way, they won’t be cramming for multiple tests in a single night. Remind them to take notes during lectures (or get a copy of the lesson hand-outs) and review them at home.

Another way to help your teenager with studying is to quiz them on ideas, facts or lessons that they find hard to understand. If the material you’re going to cover is beyond your abilities, suggest seeking help from a teacher or a classmate. You could also look for a private online tutoring services provider for academic assistance.

Once your child has finished studying, let them get a good night’s study. This way, they can recall information more easily during exam time.

  1. Create a Distraction-Free Environment at Home

Students struggle to study when they’re distracted. If your teen is having trouble studying at home, give them a distraction-free, well-lit and quiet place to study for their exams and complete their assignments. This area in your house may be an isolated table in the living room or a TV-free room.

Also, check in with your teen from time to time make sure they’re studying. Distractions, such as text messaging and social media, can prevent them from getting any work done. If they’re unable to study due to technological distractions, you may need to confiscate you child’s mobile phone and other gadgets. Then, give these electronics back once they finish with their studying or homework.

Alternatively, you could install an app or a computer program that blocks certain sites during specific times. An example is restricting social media access from 6 PM to 9 PM.

  1. Encourage Your Teenager to Read Books

Some teens aren’t open to the idea of reading books. Rather than read textbooks and other educational materials, they would prefer hitting up their friends on social media or watching new shows or movies on Netflix.

Reading, however, offers a multitude of benefits. According to an article from Psychology Today, this activity makes people sharper and more socially aware.

Apart from getting them to read the lessons on their textbook, encourage them to read other books. Don’t be picky about the materials they choose. Whether they prefer a light romance book or a graphic novel, the important thing is that they’re reading something that engages their minds.

  1. Help Them Stay Organized

Getting organized and maintaining focus will help your teenager succeed in nearly everything they do. Schools, however, may not tackle or cover these topics explicitly. You, however, can provide parental guidance by providing organizational and time-management tips.

One effective way of instilling organizational skills is to help your child keep class details, assignments and other school information in folders or binders organized by subject or class. You can also come up with a calendar to help your teen plan their time accordingly.

  1. Allot Time to Talk About School

Given that teenagers spend most of their time outside the house — in the classroom, on the field or with their friends in the mall — staying connected and engaged with them can be challenging. Although expanding social circles and doing school activities are important to high school students, parents should still serve as anchors for support, guidance, and love.

As much as possible, make an effort to speak with your child every day. This way, they’ll know that what goes on in your school matters a lot to you. When teenagers see their parents interested in their school lives, these teens are likely to take school seriously, as well.

When talking about school, listen carefully to what your teen is saying. Don’t forget to ask questions, as well. Apart from the usual “Hi, how’s your day?”, ask open-ended questions concerning their class loads. Then, offer to help them if necessary.

These strategies will help your teenager become successful in his high school life. Your involvement and support can go a long way in helping your child cope with the challenges of high school.

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20+ Car Mods To Pimp Your Car With!

Everyone wants to have the best car around, and yet the modifications that you make to a car costs money. The more impressive the mod, the more expensive it can be. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge, right? If there is anything you want to spend your money on, it should be the car that you spend a lot of your time in. You deserve to feel happy and secure in the car that you drive, and we’ve put together a list of more than twenty car modifications to pimp out your car and make it look fantastic!

Photo Of Car Interior

Image Source: Pexels

Interior Car Modification Choices

There are so many ways that you can change up the interior of your car, and we’ve got a list that will help you to enhance the interior of your vehicle. You don’t have to choose the ones that cost a lot of money, so choose from the list below and see what works for you to improve the overall look of your car interior.

  • Start with the floormats. It’s always easy to modify when you work from the bottom up! The floor mats may not feel like a luxury mod for your car, but it’s going to instantly give your car an interior makeover. The floor mats can be changed for a new color if you want to give the whole thing a new look!
  • Next, you can add vinyl to the interior of the car and add something sweet in its style. Upgrading the vinyl also upgrades the color, and you can get creative with swirly styles and patterns, too. Vinyls are a good modification as it’s so easy to remove, which means that you can upgrade it as much as you like! 
  • Some people prefer to be comfortable when they are handling the steering wheel of their car as it makes for much easier driving. A steering wheel cover is a clever and not too expensive upgrade that is very easy to do yourself. You can go for a classy leather upgrade, or you can go for something warm and fluffy. Either way, you can really show off your personality when you choose a new steering wheel cover!
  • Switching out your pedals from your car to racing pedals is a great way to add a little sportiness. Racing pedals are often slimmer and longer than regular pedals, and this can be a good place to start if you want to lean toward a sports look for your vehicle.
  • You might not use the interior lights much, but you can upgrade your lights to LED dome lighting instead of the current lighting fittings that you have. It’s a nice way to upgrade cheaply and it will look good, too.
  • Seat covers may not be something you considered replacing before now, but if you want to upgrade the look of the car, the seats are a good place to start. You can go for a leather look, but if you have children, try something that isn’t too expensive so that you aren’t going to spend too much on an upgrade.
  • Install a phone holder to the car. You may already have a built-in satnav system, but your phone doesn’t need to rattle around in the arm of the car door. A magnetic phone holder is an essential if you want to use your phone for music or navigation. 
Red headlight on black car

Image Source: Pexels

Exterior Car Modification Choices

As well as the interior choices that we’ve listed above, you can check out a list of exterior car modifications, too. You can make your car look fun and unique and it doesn’t have to take much to do it. Exterior car modifications would be a good addition to the car if you want to make it look sleek on the road!

  • If you’re going for exterior mods, think about those classic racing stripes that you could have slicked onto the vehicle. This can stretch over the roof and the hood of the car, and it can make your car look completely unique to the rest of the cars on the road. You can pay someone else to install these for you, or you can do it and be as precise and careful as possible.
  • Shiny rims are a must if you want to pimp your ride. You can have gold plated rims or black ones if you want to be different with the rims of your car. Your wheels are going to shine in the sun and they’re a great way to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle!
  • Have you ever considered a roof wrap? A car wrap can add a nice accent to the car and even just wrapping the roof is a great way to improve the way that your car looks.
  • Did you know that adding wind deflectors to your car is a cheap mod that you can to improve the performance of the vehicle in general. Your car will be more aerodynamic and cut through the wind far better than ever before. When you shop around, you can get a more affordable and quality wind-deflector and it can securely fit onto the vehicle to look good.
  • Tire covers are a fun way to upgrade the wheels of your vehicle if rims aren’t your thing. A tyre cover is fun and simple and you can add some fun designs to add a little personality to the car. You can even buy personalised tyre covers for the spare vehicle on the back of the car.
  • Number plates that are personalized are always a fun addition to the car. You can get some vanity plates without spending too much money and it shows your vehicle off. You can have a unique exterior modification this way!
  • Truck bed caps are one of the coolest car mods if you want to improve the look of your truck. The truck bed can be protected from scratches and scrapes this way, and it’s going to look good on your truck at the same time. There are some mods that are going to improve the protection of your vehicle, and this is the way to go!
Cars Parked Outside on Concrete Road

Image Source: Pexels

Even More Mods!

As well as these interior and exterior modifications, you can do these simple tips, too. Take the time to add these mods and you will have a car that stands out on the road!

  • You can show off your car with a luxury car door light. Every time you open the door, the logo of your brand will be projected onto the ground as you get in and out. It’s not hard to install it yourself, but it’s going to show off your car and make it look great. It’s a good talking point, too!
  • Cleaning your headlights is a very simple modification that you can make for your car and it will keep the car looking great and standing out the way that it should. Cleaning your headlights properly is important, and you can ensure that you do this cheap car modification yourself, too! Polycarbonate headlight covers often scratch and become blurry, but with a good clean you can make sure that it looks great! 
  • Upgrading your windshield wipers is a fun way to change things up. You cadd a new color, if you’re bored with black wiper blades and it’s a ast and cheap way to modify without making it permanent. You can always change them again if they don’t happen to be to your taste.
  • Car decals may not have crossed your mind before, but they can be a fun addition to the exterior of the car and even the back windows. Stick figure decals can detail your family and you can even add some fantastic logos and fun stickers to make the car stand out. You can be so creative here and this will help you to upgrade your vehicle very cheaply.
  • Headlight covers are a nice way to add to your car, but you may not choose to use eyelashes – they’re a little bit old school! A headlight cover can make a big difference and oftentimes, colored headlight covers can offer a cool smoky look to the car that you cannot get elsewhere!
  • Check the law before you do this one, but did you know that you may be able to get rid of the front license plate of the car? All you need is a screwdriver for this modification, and you can take it off without help, too. It makes the front of the car look far more sleek. 
  • Lastly, window tints could be the coolest addition that you have for your car. If you’re lying in a hotter country, then window tints will help the UV light to be filtered out and you can reduce the heat inside the car, too. There are plenty of kits that enable you to do this yourself, but you should get the professionals to do it for you. You can get the information as to whether you can have dark tints or not from your local government rules.

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Essential Gadgets That Make Working from Home a Breeze

Two new vaccines have been seen as significantly effective against COVID-19. However, it’ll still take months to ensure that they’re completely safe and ready for distribution. And although some states have been easing their restrictions, you should still avoid large crowds and mass gatherings, especially in indoor spaces. This is because the virus can hang in the air longer indoors compared to outside, especially if the area has poor ventilation.

This means you’ll be stuck working from home for a few months more. You might as well make it as efficient and comfortable as possible. 

Apart from a quality desk and ergonomic chair, you also want to take advantage of technology for your business during the pandemic.

Here are the essential devices and accessories you should make the most of during your remote work period.

Stop the Freezes: A Reliable Computer

Unless your company provided you with machines for remote work, you’re probably using one for personal use. If your computer keeps freezing while running your usual work apps, it can ruin your productivity and even cause you to make errors. If this is the case for you, you may need a new computer. The specifications you need depend on what your work demands. If you only use productivity suites like Microsoft Word and an internet browser, you don’t really need a high-end computer. 

If you run software that’s heavy on resources, like video editors, 3D rendering apps, photo editing software, and more, you may need a computer that has a powerful central processing unit and graphics processing unit. Ask your IT department if they have any recommendations in terms of brands and models, as well as specifications. 

You can get a computer personalized according to your needs or pre-assembled ones in your local computer store. You can buy parts and devices from e-commerce sites, like NewEgg and Amazon, as well. The computer you need might end up being expensive, but it’s worth the money when you don’t experience pesky freezes or shutdowns in the middle of a mission-critical task.

Filter Out the Noise: Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re living with family or housemates, you’ve probably been distracted by their noisy activities, like watching TV, vacuum cleaning and video gaming. You don’t want to ruin their fun or stop them from doing what they need to do. One way to achieve peace despite the distractions is to use noise-canceling headphones. These devices use microphones that pick up low-frequency noise and neutralize them before they reach your ear. 

You can get premium headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4. These offer excellent sound quality, touch controls, wireless connectivity, and comfortable muffs for around $300 to $350. If you want something more affordable, the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 comes in at around $60. Though it doesn’t have the same sound quality as the former, it filters out noise just as well and has wireless connectivity, too. 

Meet in Style: High-Quality Webcam 

Even if you can’t go to the office, you still need to attend meetings through video conferencing applications like Zoom and Google Chat. If you want to look your best, especially in front of clients, you need a high-definition webcam. If you want something that’s as good as your smartphone camera, the Logitech Brio Ultra HD is for you. It can take video in resolutions as high as 4K and offers amazing detail. With a price of more than $200, however, it may not fit everyone’s budget. You can always get its smaller brother, the C310 for a fraction of the price. It offers 720p HD video, but don’t expect the details to be as crisp. 

Keep the Connection Flowing: High Quality Modem

The only plus side of your internet provider’s default modem is that it’s free. The problem with these cheap modems and routers is that they’re not as durable and offer basic security features. One of the culprits of slow and inconsistent internet speed is often the modem malfunctioning or straight-up breaking down. Remedy this by getting a better router from your local computer store. 

Models like the Asus RT-AC66U B1 and the TP-Link Archer C7 offer faster and more consistent Wi-Fi connectivity compared to the one your internet provider offers by default. These benefits are especially important when you’re working on cloud applications and consistently doing voice and video calls. They also offer more user-friendly interfaces and advanced security features, so you can truly customize your router to your needs.

Remote work can come with a variety of challenges, like intermittent internet connectivity, household distractions and the dreaded computer freezes. With social distancing still being the norm, you don’t have much of a choice but to work from home. Use these suggestions to make your remote work life more bearable. 

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How to Make Money with Your Car

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 With the current economic crash, most people are looking for ways to make extra cash. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for viable income-generating ideas since they’re all over.

 For example, some apps pay shoppers to purchase through affiliate websites. Health care organizations compensate donors willing to part with eggs, sperms, and plasma. However, you need to prepare for the risk that comes with some forms of medical donations.

 If you’re a car owner, you’re probably looking for opportunities to make money with your car. Monetizing your vehicle isn’t a far-fetched idea. Here are vehicular side hustles to put your vehicle into good use instead of letting stay idle, which compromises its quality

Sign up With a Ridesharing App

Becoming a ridesharing driver is a convenient and serious way to make money with your car. It entails driving people from one point to another and getting paid for it through an app. Although you share the proceeds with the app, you get a bigger part of the share.

 Ridesharing isn’t without challenges. It requires you to pass criminal background checks and a driving record. You also must meet the minimum vehicle quality and age standards. Remember, you also must be able to initially meet expenses like gas, insurance, repairs, and maintenance. Some app options to consider include Uber, Lyft, and Wings. 

Food Delivery

Food delivery is a lucrative business that you can do part-time. Partner with local restaurants as their delivery driver. Alternatively, in this era of technology, you can use apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, Bite Squad, or Grubhub.

 Being a food delivery driver is equivalent to being a rideshare driver, minus the passengers. The peaks hours vary from app to app, but most deliveries are during lunchtime and dinnertime. The latter option is best for you if you have a 9-5 job. Sign up with multiple apps for the highest number of orders. 

Renting Out Your Car

If you don’t use your car every day and can’t use it for the two business ideas above, rent it out. You can avail for short-term use by locals who don’t own cars. You can also avail it for hire by travelers who don’t want to use traditional rentals when visiting your locality. Think of it as “Airbnb for cars.”

 Alternatively, you can rent your car for corporate car services. These are on-demand transportation services without signing up with apps like Lyft or Uber. You can start your own service and work with corporate clients that need client pickup service or transportation to events.

 You can potentially earn several hundred dollars in side income per month. This can go towards subsidizing your insurance premiums or loan installments.

Final Thoughts

You can use your car to earn extra money, whether you use it full time or part-time. However, remember that it involves some risks and trade-offs you must be prepared to face.

 Nonetheless, if your car is in good condition and you’re in the allowed age bracket for these services, you’re good to go. If you don’t want direct involvement, you could give your car to car rental companies and wait for the money.

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How The Sandwich Shop Concept will get You Far in Life

These days people constantly strive to be all things to all people in order to get by. That can be in our personal, and professional lives. With so much occupying our minds, it’s easy to be caught up on feelings of insignificance or wanting more from our lives. 

It may be that lockdown has meant that you’re thinking about learning something new. However, why not think about becoming an expert in that one thing that makes you unique? 

Here’s why modelling your life like the humble sandwich shop will get you further in life. 

Pexels-CC0 Licence 

Be a simple solution to a specific need 

When you go to a restaurant, unless you’ve studied the menu beforehand and you know exactly what you want to order, being handed a menu shouldn’t fill you with anxiety and indecision. A 10 page menu will do that, and even after the choice is made, you may not get the best quality. 

Going to a sandwich shop, however, will likely offer you something that will fulfil the need to a much higher quality. A good example of this is Medifit, who are skilled in what they do in design services, but set to serve the specific audience of healthcare practices. While any other design company could design a medical centre, you’re not going to get the same result as one who dedicates their services to suit one specific audience.

It’s the same with you. You wouldn’t want to spread yourself too thin to try to be more than you are for more people- you’d just end up exhausted. 

If you offer to help somebody with their shopping, and they accept but then ask you to build them a website, unless you’ve had the specific training- it’s not something you’re going to be able to do with ease. 

Bring Enough to the Table 

When running a sandwich shop, it’s important to offer enough variety to keep people interested, without bringing too much to the table. 

That means providing just enough of what you can offer without wasting the excess. This is how you take your life to the next level

Sandwich shops could risk advertising 30 different fillings on 8 types of bread and not sell enough of a specific filling which would either be past its best the following day or go to waste. 

You want to bring what people want as well as offering them something they could learn to enjoy by being experimental with new varieties. 

Be Good At What You do 

Sandwich shops are able to focus on one or two areas of expertise that make them the best at what they do. Take the example of an athlete. They decide that they want to spread themselves across more areas of the athletics industry. They want to train, coach, advertise sporting events, and run the ticket desk, too. While all these jobs are related to the athletics field, the more this athlete does that will take them away from their training and participation in events, the less time and energy they have to focus on the things that set them apart from the others.  

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Why Do We Find Computers So Complicated?

In the past 20 years or so, using a computer on a daily basis has become a way of life. Almost no one currently alive has gone without tapping away on a keyboard at least once, and we seem to introduce this kind of technology to our children at younger and younger ages. 

Yet, we still seem to find computers so complicated. They’re hard to protect, we can find it hard to use them, and with the amount of applications out there that feature complex bits of software, it can be hard to get to grips with learning anything outside of Microsoft Office! With that in mind, let’s delve a little more into the complex nature of computer systems. 

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Because They Need to Be

Computers have to be complicated by nature, simply because we ask so much of them! And for most people, yes, that makes them hard to understand. And yet, the way they are built is due to some very simple concepts – the need to be flexible, the need to solve problems while being so, and the need to multitask. All of this adds up to one very sophisticated piece of hardware!

However, even in their complex state, they’re incredibly useful, and there are many ways to learn more about them. For example, you could turn to an IT company to deal with any issues for you, such as Ribbit Business Solutions, because when they’re an expert, they’ll be able to immediately assess your computer needs. And that’s something you might not be capable of yet. 

And Coding Takes Time to Learn

Then we come to the language of coding. They’re quite new to the world of language, and learning one can take anywhere between 4 and 6 months, if you practice as much as possible. For most people, this means taking about an hour every day and dedicating it to programming.

It’s said that Python is the easiest coding language to learn, so if you want to get to know the language of computers a little better, this is a good place to start. Indeed, most children pick it up if they’re used to using computers in day to day life. 

Plus, It’s Easy to Get UX Wrong

And then we come to the fact that a lot of user interfaces, and the ultimate user experience made by them, are incredibly user unfriendly and turn people away at the first look. Indeed, a lot of programming software comes without tutorials. 

So if a person is starting out with them on their own, there’s a lot of beforehand research they’re going to have to do. And one of the worst offenses a UX designer can make is prioritising how something looks over how it works – it’s why a lot of people think Youtube is user unfriendly! 

Computers are complicated because they need to be, but there are plenty of ways to learn more. You can fit in with the world of tech just fine! 

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10 Ways To Ensure Your Car Lasts a Long Time

Buying a car is a massive investment, so it makes perfect sense to want to ensure that it manages to last a long time. Unfortunately, most people either drop their good maintenance habits after a few weeks or they just don’t really understand how to take good care of their vehicle. So in this post, we’ll be taking a look at 10 ways to ensure that your car manages to last for a long time.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/w-bRrLmXODg (CC0)

1. Learn to drive defensively

Driving defensively saves both lives and your car. It’s all about watching out for reckless drivers and being more aware of your surroundings when you’re out on the road.

2. Take good care of your car’s tires

Your car’s tires are one of the most important components to look after. If the tires have too much or too little air then it can cause your vehicle to behave in strange ways. It’s the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, so it’s a good idea to maintain it and ensure that it’s not damaged. You also need to consider using the right tires for the right road conditions so that you don’t damage them.

3. Cover it when it’s not in use

Covering your vehicle ensures that it protects the coat of paint and keeps it looking and feeling fresh. It also protects it from any bird droppings, theft or adverse weather conditions that could damage your car. Make sure you keep your car in a garage if possible so that it’s protected from any potential threats.

4. Clear your car on a regular basis

It’s important to clean your car every few weeks to keep it looking fantastic and to scrub off any dirt or stains. Polishing your vehicle can help it maintain a nice sheen as well.

5. Don’t overload your vehicle with stuff

An overloaded vehicle is a heavy vehicle. This puts more pressure on the tires and suspension which can hasten the wear and tear. The vehicle might also behave a little differently which can be dangerous when steering or braking since your response will be much slower. Mechanical failures can be expensive, so it’s best not to put extra stress on your vehicle if you can avoid it.

6. Use your car on a regular basis

Much like any mechanical machine, it’s important to use it on a regular basis so that it doesn’t seize up and require repairs before you use it again. Make sure you take your car out for a drive every week if you’re not using it. Even if you’re just going around a few local roads, it’s important to ensure that your car continues functioning correctly.

7. Take your car to a mechanic now and then

You should visit a local mechanic every now and then to get your vehicle checked. In most cases, checking your vehicle every 6 months will help to sort out any potential issues before they become a problem. However, you should also phone your mechanic any time you notice something strange about your car, such as weird noises or handling issues. You might also want to contact specialist mechanics such as a Subaru Outback repair service to ensure you’re getting the best service possible for your make or brand of vehicle. While most mechanics specialise in all vehicles and models, working with a specialist is never a bad idea.

8. Keep the battery maintained

Keep the battery charged and make sure you maintain it like any other part in your vehicle. Ideally, you should change the car battery every four to five years to ensure it’s holding its charge. The last thing you want is a dead battery mid-journey. You can clean the battery to ensure that no dirt and debris get into the cells and you can also top up the electrolyte levels with distilled water.

9. Don’t run low on fuel

Sediment collects at the bottom of your fuel tank. This occurs naturally and isn’t something you can really change. However, if you’re constantly low on fuel, this sediment could end up clogging your vehicle. Make sure you’re always topped up on fuel and try not to run too low.

10. Pay more attention when buying your car
There are lots of things to pay attention to when buying a car, especially if it’s second-hand. You could learn about pre-existing issues that you should pay attention to, and you should learn more about your vehicle by reading the manual. This will help you learn more about maintenance tips and troubleshooting specific problems.

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Money Guide: 6 Common Pitfalls to Avoid with Your Retirement Fund

Many look forward to the wonderful image of retirement. They see themselves spending the rest of their golden years chilling out and enjoying fun activities, such as taking a dream vacation.

When you make the sacrifice of stashing away extra money in your retirement account, you want to make sure that you use those funds wisely. Making financial blunders with your money could prevent you from leading a comfortable life during your senior years.

As you get ready for retirement, take care to avoid making these six financial pitfalls:

  1. Moving Elsewhere on a Whim

Warm and comfortable climates are the siren call for individuals who are nearing their retirement. If you are thinking of heading to Florida and buying a homethere, you’ll want to test the waters first before relocating.

Many retirees who trudge off to their “dream destination” willy-nilly end up getting bored with the place eventually. The slow-paced lifestyle, along with endless rounds of beach strolls and golf, can become tiresome.

Years before your planned date of retirement, go on an extended vacation in your chosen area to get a feel of the location’s lifestyle, culture and people. This is incredibly important if you have plans retiring overseas where new customs, rules and languages can overwhelm retirees.

Once you do have a location in mind, don’t forget to do some house hunting in your preferred destination. Although the process may take years of house visits, home inspections and price negotiations, you want to make sure that the house you choose is perfect for you.

  1. Investing in Money-Making Ventures You Don’t Understand

Stay away from unfamiliar and dodgy investment schemes. If you’ve been invited to a business seminar with a free dinner, this income-earning opportunity could be a Ponzi scheme or a fraud.

If you are going to take the self-employed route when you retire, such as starting a printing business, you’ll need to learn the ropes of becoming an entrepreneur. Take up business courses and consult mentors should you want to pursue this venture.

  1. Gambling on Stocks

Refrain from allocating a huge chunk of your valuable retirement money on stocks that are purportedly the next big Apple, Google, Facebook or Amazon. Although the notion of taking home big gains is exciting, look at this approach as going to a casino in Las Vegas and betting a large portion of your hard-earned cash on black or red.  

If you want to satisfy your thrill of betting into stocks, do it using small amounts of money. Of course, the better thing to do here is to avoid gambling on stocks at all. Make sure you do your homework before you make an investment decision.  

  1. Taking Money out of Your 401(k)

Borrowing from your 401(k) retirement savings funds can be tempting. After all, this is your money and you can do whatever you want with it.

Tapping your retirement money, however, is a terrible idea. You’ll miss out on the investment growth from the cash you borrowed and the missed contributions.

Another drawback to taking money out of your retirement account is the payback scheme. When you get a 401(k) loan, you’re obligated to pay back the money over a maximum of five years. If you leave your company before paying off the loan, you’ll be required to settle the outstanding balance in full within 60 to 90 days.

Before you tap from your 401(k), look at other loan options. If you’re funding tuition for college, for instance, you could explore student loans. When you need to repair a damaged part of your house, consider financing this project with a home equity line of credit.

  1. Thinking About Working Indefinitely

Some soon-to-be retirees have plans on working beyond age 65. They do this either to keep their mind sharp, earn money to pay off debt and make the most of their Social Security checks.

This plan, however, could backfire. The company, for instance, could force you to retire early. This may be due to several reasons, such as health-related problems, business-related issues like downsizing and the inability of older employees to keep their skills up to date. The best advice you can take here is to save early (and often) and assume the worst.

  1. Failing to Account for Medical Costs

Although many retirees have Medicare, they will still have to shell out cash for uncovered medical procedures and deductibles. Rather than over-rely on Medicare, earmark some funds for health care costs that will occur as you grow older.  

Get the most out of your retirement money by not incurring these six financial mistakes. Before you retire, take the time to create a financial retirement plan with the help of an experienced and trustworthy financial advisor.

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Car vs Motorbike: 8 Considerations to Make the Best Choice

Photo by Guduru Ajay bhargav from Pexels

Of course, if the budget would allow it, we would all invest in both. However, often, our savings allow us to choose only one of the two options. While this does not have to be negative necessarily, it is crucial to make the right choice for your lifestyle and personal preferences. 

Naturally, what experience you wish to have when you are on the road is a crucial aspect to consider. Yet, lifestyle, daily needs, and personal experience are just as important. If still unsure about the best vehicle choice for you and your family, consider the aspects below. 

Consider Your Morning Commute

We would all love to think about long road trips through stunning landscapes. But, the reality is that, more often, you will be driving through a busy city centre, trying to reach your office in time. Of course, you will have your weekend experience to enjoy every now and then, but it is also worth considering how you will primarily use your vehicle. 

If your commute is long or you need to get to the office and back at unusual times, a motorbike might not be your best choice. Indeed, a car might be a more comfortable option and offer you some shelter from the cold and wind, especially during the winter months. 

However, if your commute is only a short ride through tranquil streets, a bike can help you get to work in comfort and style throughout the year. 

How Big Is Your Household?

If your household includes several people, or you are planning on welcoming a new addition in your family, a bike might not be the most convenient option. Indeed, you will need to haul groceries, kids, and pets, and on a bike, this can be inconvenient or impossible altogether. 

Understanding what your daily needs are and having a clear prospect of what you will be using your bike for is crucial before committing to such an important purchase. Of course, if you are the only member of your household and you are not planning on expanding your family soon, you might consider the great experience that riding a bike instead of a car might offer you. 

Where Do You Live?

If you live in a busy city, buying a car might not be the best option for your needs. Larger cities make it difficult to navigate through heavy traffic with anything bigger than a motorbike. So, you might decide to opt for a two-wheeler, skip the traffic, and enjoy a much smoother ride to work. 

Riding a motorbike also allows you to find parking anywhere and without much struggle. This is a significant plus to consider if you love to live the city life and drive around. Having a bike instead of a car can help you cut down on transport time and enjoy more time around the city. 

At the same time, if you live in the countryside or away from facilities and shops, you might consider opting for buying a car. Indeed, on a bike, you will only have limited space to haul your groceries. 

In turn, this can translate into frequent, time-consuming trips to the nearest supermarket to keep your fridge full! If living just off the town centre, a larger car with more luggage space allows you to streamline your errands and daily responsibilities.

What Is Your Ideal Holiday?

Do you prefer to get away and enjoy a solo camping trip every second weekend? Or would you rather enjoy time with your family in an all-inclusive resort? Holidays might come around only once or twice each year, but they are one of the aspects on which we tend to spend the most. 

And, if you have the wrong type of vehicle for them, you can end up paying twice as much as you would have wanted to. Indeed, you might end up settling for an expensive rental car or even have to use public transportation services, which can add to the cost of the holiday. 

What Is Your Budget?

Cars are more expensive than motorbikes. Depending on the type of car you would settle for, you might also be facing substantial costs when it comes down to paying insurance, repairs, and maintainance. 

Oppositely, motorbikes are much cheaper to buy and run. Even with limited funds, you will be able to secure a high-quality bike, take care of the insurance, and keep up with all the maintenance tasks you need to ensure the bike is safe to drive. 

What Is the Climate in Your Area?

Considering the climate in your area is also essential. Indeed, if you live in an area where rainy, snowy, or harsh winters are common and long, a bike might not represent a smart investment. Indeed, you might not be able to ride your bike for several months a year, which means that you will also need to buy or rent a car as well.  

What Is Your Experience on the Road?

Riding a motorbike can be more challenging than driving a car. There are several more aspects to consider, and the level of safety while on your two-wheeler is not as high as the one that a car can offer. So, before committing to one of the two options, you should evaluate how confident you are on the road, and how extensive your experience is

Know Your Vehicle

Lastly, ensure you understand your vehicle. If you have never opted for a bike before, ensure you can always consult a specialist. In any case, you should start your biking experience on a bike with a smaller engine, and then move to more powerful bikes. Ultimately, when modifying or repairing your bike, ensure you are buying components and parts only from certified sellers that you can trust, such as CTA Powersports parts online.

Bottom Line

Deciding between buying a bike and car can be an extremely tough choice to make. Even if you have always loved to buy one of the two, considering your current lifestyle and future goals is crucial to make the most out of it. Indeed, purchasing a vehicle might be a long-term investment that might shape your lifestyle from now on. Take the time you need to make a wiser choice!

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Best Anti-Aging Vitamins: 5 Supplements to Help Turn Back the Clock

Originally posted on iveeapp.com by Louis Cinquanto | Nov 2, 2020

Best vitamins to boost immune system

While aging may not be the most pleasant experience, the memories, experiences, and life lessons we learn along the way are invaluable. But what if someone told you there are ways to stop, or at least limit, the symptoms of aging. With help from specific vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, we can help rewind our body’s biological clock by replenishing valuable nutrients that we lose with age. That being said, aging is inevitable, and symptoms are almost impossible to avoid altogether. If anything, utilizing this collection of nutrients can help improve quality of life and raise bodily optimization.

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What Happens When We Age?

As we age, our body stops producing certain chemical compounds previously in excess when we were younger. Additionally, our telomeres shorten with age. Telomeres help protect the ends of our chromosomes from deteriorating. When our telomeres shorten, our body’s cells go through a negative transformation that drastically affects an individual’s health and lifespan. 

Shorter telomeres have been associated with an increased risk of disease and lower survival rates. Most of the symptoms related to aging are cognitive. Yes, our hair turns grey, and we start to get wrinkles, but the slow cognitive decline is the most reported and impactful result of aging. So let’s take a look at some supplements that can help reduce these effects. Brown Powers

1. Curcumin

Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric root and is used mostly in Asian dishes. Curcumin is rated highly for its powerful anti-aging effects due to its antioxidant properties. 

Antioxidants are substances that help protect your cells against free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. 

Additionally, this antioxidant protects our cells from cellular senescence. Cellular senescence occurs when cells stop dividing, and as we age, these cells accumulate, accelerating aging and the progression of age-related diseases.

You can easily increase your curcumin intake by incorporating turmeric in dishes or by taking curcumin supplements!

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2. CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is another antioxidant that is self-produced by your body. It is responsible for energy production and protecting cells from damage. As we age, our levels of CoQ10 begin to decline, and symptoms such as fatigue and brain fog become more and more apparent. 

In 2015, researchers ran an experiment to test the effects of supplemented CoQ10 in 443 older adults. The study found that supplementing CoQ10 and selenium (an element that aids metabolism) over four years improved their overall quality of life, reduced hospital visits, and slowed the deterioration of mental performance. 

Though CoQ10 shows the potential to be a powerful anti-aging supplement, there still needs to be more research and definitive evidence before it can be recommended as a natural way to prevent aging. Make sure to talk to a health care professional before trying it out.

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3. Vitamin B12

Ah, yes, trusty vitamin B12. This keystone vitamin aids our body in numerous ways, like keeping our nerve and blood cells healthy. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak. 

Aside from its “inner body benefits,” such as added energy and cognitive clarity, B12 can also aid our bodies cosmetically. It can help improve our appearance by reducing skin redness, inflammation, and dryness. It can also reduce hair breakage and help nails become stronger.

Our bodies don’t produce B12 naturally, but we can obtain it through various foods like fish, eggs, and chicken. Different types of vegetables, such as mushrooms, are high in B12 as well. B12 is also available as a daily supplement and can be found at your local pharmacy or natural food store.

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4. Vitamin D  

Weakening immune systems are a sure sign of aging. At some point, catching a common cold will have a much more significant impact than it did when we were younger. Thankfully, a new UK research study has found that Vitamin D can have a positive effect on the immune system and help offset some age-related health issues.

It is also widely accepted throughout the scientific community that vitamin D compounds protect the skin against the hazardous effects of many skin aging-inducing agents, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

You absorb vitamin D naturally through the sun’s rays, but vitamin D supplements are widely accessible at any pharmacy or vitamin shop if you want an extra boost.

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5. NAD+ Treatment 

And last, but certainly not least, NAD+ treatment. Yes, we know this isn’t a vitamin or antioxidant, but its potential is something we cannot overlook. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+, is one of the most potent anti-aging molecules you can put into your body. In short, NAD+ keeps your cells “young” and helps to rewind your biological clock.

NAD+ treatment is relatively new on the scene. As of right now, the FDA has only given the green light for oral NAD+ supplements. However, injecting NAD+ intravenously is a very efficient way to receive the nutrient, as it allows for almost 100% bioavailability. 

NAD+ treatment can last anywhere from two to six hours and has been reported by some as being quite uncomfortable. Some patients have reported nausea, chest tightness, and lightheadedness. Fortunately, these symptoms are short-lived and pretty much counteracted by the treatment’s lasting impact on energy levels, mental clarity, and overall sense of rekindled youth.

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Aging is inevitable, we all know that. As we age our body slowly stops performing at maximum efficiency and there is no way around that. These supplements and treatments are in no way the “end all be all” for aging symptoms, but what they do provide is a higher quality of life and, at the very least, help to manage current and future symptoms of aging.

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