What Does Your Car Say About You? 4 Ways To Upgrade Your Car

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The car you drive can say a lot about who you are as a person. For example, Vauxhall Meriva drivers are mostly married middle-aged women who have an interest in wildlife documentaries, mostly hold right-wing views and are only 11% likely to be caught speeding (according to a quiz on Admiral Car Insurance from data by YouGov surveys). In contrast, Audi Q7 drivers are more likely to be married men holding more right-wing political views, be sporty, watch Top Gear and are rated as having a 14% likelihood of being speed demons.

But what does your car say about you, and what kind of first impression does it give? If you are after using your car as a status symbol and want to appeal to the more discerning passerby for validation or not simply give yourself an ego boost, then it’s not always about the type of car you drive but how you care for it. Even classic cars hold value and cab quite the head turners; however, if you want to drive in luxury, then these car upgrades can boost your stature and give you a car you are proud to drive.

Wheels and Tires

Your wheels and tires are integral parts of your car, so driving on poorly maintained tires and scuffed rims can detract from your vehicle. You might be behind the wheel of a Maserati; however, if you have scuffed the rims or are using subpar tires, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Always invest in the highest quality tires for your car and ensure they are well above the legal tread limit. Add to the wow factor by choosing alloy wheels or custom rims from a reputable tyre shop to ensure your car looks good and is safe to drive.


If you’re purchasing a brand new car, there might be the option for you to tailor your upholstery to your tastes and for you to design the perfect interior package for you. However, this isn’t an option for many who buy used cars. Instead, why not look at adding new upholstery to your car to give it a new lease of life inside? If you really want to wow passengers, swap out fabric seats for leather options, get a new carpet and add new mats, and update your dashboard or give it a high polish to allow it to shine and complement your new interior style.

Custom Paint Job

With all the best will in the world, you cannot stop your car from getting surface scratches or, worse, deeper marks and scuffs you can’t buff out with some T-Cut. This is part and parcel of car ownership, and having your car in public puts you at risk of any damage. However, to set your vehicle apart from the rest, why not look at investing in a custom paint job? Or even a vinyl wrap? You can choose from any different styles and colours or opt for metallic, gloss or matt finishes to really create a unique and modern look regardless of the age of your car. Don’t forget to tell the DVLA and your insurance company of any changes you make to your car’s paintwork so you are still covered to drive your vehicle.

Modern Tech

We all know about the truly futuristic self-driving capabilities of Tesla cars; however, if your vehicle lacks some of the more modern tech seen on new cars, fear not. There is a wealth of technology in the market to help you boost your driving experience and make your car appear younger and more up-to-date than it might be. 

From parking assist sensors to tire pressure monitors, using sat navs and GPS to seat warmers and even blind spot sensor kits, there is a host of technology and many gadgets that can bring your older model to the 21st century and allow you to experience a more modern drive without forking out for a brand new car.


While it’s essential to live within your mind and not overextend yourself financially, being able to update your car and provide you with a better driving experience that reflects who you are can be massively beneficial. If you want to bring your car into the modern era of driving and give it a facelift, then these options can be a great place to start. From a new paint job for a fresh look to implementing new technology to rival newer cars, you can add upgrades that impress even the most discerning car enthusiast.

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