The Secret To Finding The Best Spot At Trade Shows

Trade shows and expos are a brilliant opportunity to meet a lot of customers in a short period and showcase your company. If you do it right you can come away with a lot of good contacts but if you get it wrong you’ll waste a day standing behind a table doing nothing. Your presentation is key and you need an eye-catching stall that draws people in, but the thing that will really make or break your expo experience is the placement of your stall.


You might be hoping for a definitive answer to the very best place to set up but the truth is, there isn’t one. There are spots that are better than others and certain places you should avoid at all costs but it often depends on your own needs. Experts disagree on the importance of your location; some claim that location alone won’t stop you from drawing people in while others say it’s the biggest factor.

Either way, you need to know where to place your stall because there’s no point getting event popup printing companies to create an amazing display for you if nobody is going to walk past it anyway. You need to be somewhere that gets enough foot traffic as well as offering enough space for you to set up your presentation materials properly, but how do you find that magic spot?

Know What You Want

It might be tempting to go for the biggest stall you can get but it doesn’t always work. The thinking behind it is that the bigger your stall, the easier it is to notice so you’ll get more people coming in. The thing is, if you haven’t actually got enough products or displays to fill the space, it’ll look empty. Having a stall that’s way too big makes you look unorganized and immature as a company so people won’t trust you.

There’s also no need to go for the same sized space at every show you go to. You’ll see a different set of customers at each one so make sure you’re tailoring your stall each time rather than just getting the same thing.

Study The Floor Plans

The best way to choose the perfect spot at a trade expo is to study the floor plans and work it out for yourself, don’t choose based on the price. One of the first places to avoid is the entrance. Some people think that they’ll get more traffic because everybody has to walk right past them on the way in. However, people are reluctant to stop at a stall before they’ve had a bit of a walk around. That means most people won’t come to your stall on the way in and when they’re leaving they aren’t likely to either.

Check the layout of the room and see if you can have a guess at what the natural flow of people might be. Then you can place your stall along that path and hopefully get more foot traffic. It’s also a good idea to look for any obstacles like pillars that will restrict people’s view.

Location, location, location is an old cliché that usually applies to real estate but it works just as well for trade shows.

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