If You Love Traveling, One of These Amazing Jobs Are for You!

If you love traveling (and who doesn’t?), and are in the market for a new job, maybe you should think about getting a job that would suit your traveling dreams! The days of working and saving every penny you have just so you can quit your job and travel for a month, are long behind you once you’ve seen these! There are what you can do while traveling! There are a surprising amount of jobs out there which do aid you if you wanted to go traveling, you just have to make it happen! Have a look here if you want to find out what they are!


1) Working at a local bar

This one may sound like something you’ve heard before, but that is because it is fantastic for working while traveling. In every place you go to, they always have bars or clubs. This is the perfect type of job as well because they usually high a high turnover, meaning more opportunity for yourself! As well as not too much commitment, so if you felt like moving on to another place after a little bit of time, you wouldn’t feel too bad about leaving because that’s just how it’s done! You can always find places that need English speakers if you do a bit of research online beforehand.

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2) Find a cafe you love

In a similar vein, if you’re more of a night owl and don’t want to be working at nights, which you would be in a bar, you could work in a cafe. It is the same thing but just in the day time. For this, you would probably have to be in a touristy area where most people spoke English unless you are talented enough to pick up another language! Similarly to the bar work, these sorts of places also have a high turnover. You could find a beautiful place that is run by a little local family is you wanted! It would be a great way to have a chat to some locals as well!

Pub Cafe Gastronomy Restaurant After Work Bar

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3) Find work on a tugboat

Another great way to find work abroad is to look for jobs on a tugboat. There are loads of these going all over the world if you do a little search online before you go, you almost definitely be able to find something! Or you could go the other route and have a look at NautiSNP – tugs for sale and get your tugboat! You may have to save for a little while, but you could start up your own tugboat business abroad! That would be such a great way to get some traveling in a while not only making money but starting your whole own business. If you were nervous about it, you could also sell it on when you wanted to move on to a new place, or just expand your business!

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4) Become an au pair

This is probably the most convenient way to get some traveling in. There are countless sites online full of people looking for au pairs. As an au pair, you mainly travel to someone’s house abroad for a few months or so, and you get to stay there and help out with either some childcare or a little bit of housework. You usually get paid for it as well, so you get to go abroad, stay for free and get paid for doing a bit of work in their house! It’s a fantastic deal! Just make sure you know when your free time will be so you can organize thing you want to do while in that country!

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5) Become a flight attendant

This is more of a permanent job, but that is ok when you are constantly going to different places all across the globe. As a flight attendant, you obviously have to work abroad the plane. There are loads of airlines you could get a job with but try to go for an international, worldwide one to get to go to a wider variety of places! If you want to become a flight attendant, you might need some experience in service, so hopefully, that waitressing job you had in college will come in handy after all! You will also need to pass a medical test.

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6) Teaching English abroad

This one is great if you wanted to be part of a program or something. It is also great because you do get a great feeling that you are giving something back to the place you are staying in. You can make a decent amount of money doing this as well if you go to some locations. It is a way to meet people while you are out there as well. You can meet other people working there and the people you are teaching as well! This is also the kind of thing that you can do in several places, not just the one!

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7) Find a cruise ship

As most of these jobs, you’ll be able to find a great one if you have a look online! But work on a cruise ship is pretty much a dream! There are so many things you can do, unexpected things as well. There is all sort of filming job, service jobs, chef jobs, just imagine the cruise ship as a little community and every job you can get on board you can pretty much get on board! You also get several stops off along the way at all different places. You have to find out when your free time is as well to work out if you might want to do something like this!

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8) Any work from home job

Traveling is so important to a lot of people, and luckily, there are a lot of jobs out there where you can work remotely, this means that you can work anywhere including on a beach somewhere if you want (and are capable of making your deadlines with a lot of distraction)! Or if you wanted to work for yourself, you could start up a travel blog and get that going to the point that you can make a living off of it! It is possible to do if you put a lot of hard work into it!

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