Interview Woes: The Issues That Could Hinder Your Chances Of Success

Changing your career or going for a promotion is not an easy prospect to overcome. It’s easy to put too much pressure on yourself and sometimes those pressures can turn into issues that can hinder your chances of interview success. We all know that new jobs, promotions or a change of career entirely can be a great way to improve our lifestyle and even increase our income. Which is why I thought I would share with you the issues that can stop you acing the interview to hopefully help you to succeed.



Anxiety symptoms


Heading to an interview can cause you to feel anxious. The symptoms include you feeling sick with nerves, have a build up of nervous energy and could even cause you to panic and over think the situation. However, the best advice is to recognise how you feel and try to distract yourself. Before the interview take some time out to enjoy your favourite music or even indulge in a nice hot shower or bath and take your time getting ready for the interview. You want to appear confident and cool as a cucumber.


Sweaty hands


Sweaty hands can not just be a sign of nerves, but can also be off-putting for anyone shaking your hand. Which evidently is very possible in an interview environment. Thankfully articles like 10 Healthy Ways to Dry and Balance Sweaty Hands can offer some solid advice on how to overcome this situation. It’s better to take hold of the situation than to suffer with it and hinder your interview success.


Being too over-confident


Being overconfident is not an attractive quality, and certainly can be a reason that you get a job or fail to secure it. We can all have times in our lives where we feel like we are the ideal candidate for the job, and often come across like we have already been successful without even having the go ahead. But overconfidence is good in some circumstances and not in others. Try and appear confident in your demeanor, and confident in your ability, without appearing condescending.


Not preparing enough


Preparation is key to success. But yet so many people fail to prepare for an interview and this can hugely hinder your chances of securing the job. This is why it’s important to begin your preparation right before you even apply for the job. Your resume is important as is your covering letter to obtain the job in the first place. It is then vital to research the company you are looking to work for as well as practicing potential questions you may be asked.


Forgetting your manners


Don’t forget your manners when it comes to the interview. Manners cost nothing but can make a huge difference to how you appear to your potential new employer. Simply saying please and thank you or even thanking the interviewer for their time can go along way to helping you secure the job. It is definitely something more employers are looking out for.


I hope this helps you if you have an important interview lined up soon.

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