Four Ways to Kill Your Profits



It’s true that profit isn’t the only thing you should be working towards in your business endeavors. While it’s certainly true that profit is one of the best incentives for beneficial human behavior around – if not the best incentive – there’s no denying that many business owners find the pursuit of loftier goals to be very good for both their business and their general outlook.


But let’s face it: if you’re not making good profits, then you’re putting your entire business in jeopardy. Of course, even in the pursuit of maximizing profit, many business owners will end up making moves that ultimately harm their profits. Here are some of the common errors you need to avoid to ensure you’re not killing your profits, or profit potential.


Lousy outsourcing


Outsourcing particular tasks can be a great way of saving a lot of money on work while ensuring that quality isn’t harmed. But you need to make sure you’re really working with a reputable company that will deliver you the best possible work for your money. More small businesses than ever are relying on such companies, but many also make the mistake of assuming that sub-par work is to be expected when you don’t do things in-house. Wrong: you should be getting completed work of the highest standard. Don’t settle for less just because you’re outsourcing. Less quality means your profits will be harmed in the long run.




Limited methods of payment


There are more ways for your customers to pay you than ever before. It’s best that you ensure you can accept as many payment methods as is reasonable. If your business deals largely in products that cost in the triple digits and over, you may even want to look into financing to ensure you get the maximum customer potential. Take time to learn more about retail consumer financing. Aside from this, ensure you can accept a plethora of different credit and debits cards.


Inept finance managers


If your accountants and financial controllers aren’t that great at their job, then you can’t expect your potential profits to emerge unscathed. A lot of small businesses make the mistake of hiring very affordable but ultimately sub-par financial managers in the nascent days of their company. If you need to make sure you’re saving money in this area, then consider outsourcing the task. The mistake a lot of business owners make is that they know they really only need someone part-time, or that the work involved isn’t the complex, so they think they can compromise on quality. Don’t make this mistake.



No legal protection


Hate on intellectual property laws and patents all you want: the fact is that they allow the truly innovative agents in the business world to protect their ideas and inventions, allowing them to make the profits instead of allowing a bunch of thieves to try to get a cut of the action without having to put in any effort of the imagination. Protect your ideas, your inventions, your branding; otherwise, the less reputable elements of the business world can take advantage, which will end up throttling your profits in a big way.

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