Gaming PC’s: Value For Money?

Gaming is a darn expensive hobby.


The new Playstation 4 Pro is going to set you back about four hundred dollars, with the Playstation VR not far behind that. A 4K television set capable of displaying the full power of the PS4 Pro will cost near one thousand dollars and the controllers and games are sixty bucks a piece.



That’s money that could frankly, be put to much better use – especially when you consider the five to seven year life span of games consoles.


The gaming PC is a whole different beast. For the same price as the Playstation 4 Pro, you can get a system that is arguably more powerful and you won’t need an expensive television to go with it if you choose a good monitor and there are a lot of points to consider to find the best gaming monitor.


So, is a gaming PC worth the investment? Well – it really does depend.


While the outlay on a system like the PS4 might seem initially cheaper, that could be false over its lifetime if you upgrade or buy new controllers. However, if you enjoy games that are exclusive to Playstation like Bloodborne or Infamous Second Son – then there is no question at all – the console is the choice for you as these games are unavailable on the PC. Remember that there are a number of games exclusive to PC – such as Civilization


If you aren’t fussed about console exclusives, then go right ahead with the PC. Steam and GoG have plenty of sales throughout the year meaning you can pick up good games for low prices often enough to make it worth it in the long run. Console games do go on sale, but not often enough.



A thousand dollars of gaming PC can also run games at a higher level than the PS4. You’ll experience better draw distances, better graphics and better visuals.


Of course, PC games are customizable through user produced mods as well – so you have to take that into account as a deeper and more customizable experience might be worth more for you!


While PC’s have made huge strides in terms of size and portability over the past number of years, the consoles still hold the trump card in terms of accessibility. If you want to play on your existing TV downstairs, a console might work for you. That being said, a good PC case might be just as portable. It depends on the options available for you but you might not be able to beat a console for pure ease. A console is easier to play with friends in the first instance as well while a PC will require a bit more setup and care.


If you’re inclined to spend time and effort, the PC will work wonders for you. If you want to get up and go with an option then the PS4 and Xbox One consoles may be better. All in all though, dollar by dollar – the PC wins through and is better value in terms of performance.

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